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  1. Hopefully the whole series will be released...
  2. Achievement ideas????
  3. Could this have 1000G?
  4. Achievement Discussion
  5. Revival (4HD/CVHD) NEW TRAILER!!
  6. Whats the release date?
  7. is capcom....
  8. Achievement Guide
  9. on demand
  10. Has anyone found the disc?
  11. Games on Demand BoxArt?
  12. shouldnt these be retail?
  13. Confirmed Release Date for the US (UK?)
  14. Confused?
  15. difficulty
  16. Requirement for S rank for story mode
  17. Battle Game Time? (Linear Launcher)
  18. Resident Evil: Code Veronica - Starring... Leonardo DiCaprio?!
  19. Does anyone remember this one being good?
  20. There is no retail "disc" version being released!
  21. Release Time
  22. Wesker?
  23. Missable Achs. and Solutions
  24. Size Difference??
  25. Concept Art
  26. These graphics are NOT even close to HD.
  27. Strange problem
  28. Chris battle game - corner Alexia 3!!!
  29. a new game+????
  30. missing RE, leaderboard
  31. Wesker Battle Game - Finish Alexia with Knife
  32. About the game icon on the achievement list...
  33. Future RE HD remakes?
  34. so annoying going all the way back to square one
  35. A rank and Battle mode
  36. How do you fix the controls
  37. Oh no, not these controls!!!
  38. Ok now i think im in big trouble, or?
  39. Size differences? US = 1.83 GB, elsewhere = 3.98GB??
  40. Most important tip ever!!
  41. Pausing In-game Timer
  42. help for a piss poor sniper
  43. Achievement Guide
  44. Chris in Battle Game
  45. i dont remember there being...
  46. Spoiler Need Help?
  47. Bringing the shotgun with Chris?
  48. Scary
  49. Video Walkthroughs
  50. 2 questions about Weapon Crazy acheevo
  51. So how is the game?
  52. Ok so now i'm F****** and I hate this game
  53. Battle Game Mode Rank A Requirements
  54. Chris battle mode?
  55. Weapon Crazy and the Linear Launcher
  56. Best game this year
  57. Bandersnatch troubles.
  58. Buying this game? Help please
  59. Found! New way to get A Rank!
  60. I got a weird noise when starting this game...
  61. Question from a potential newcomer
  62. Never played this RE game before....
  63. are the controls that bad?
  64. An f***ing Rocket Launcher ain't worth it.
  65. Its shame theres not more like code veronica on xbla
  66. Any tips to do Weapon Crazy on 1st playthrough?
  67. On sale for 12.99 right now!
  68. Resident Evil 2 REmake possible with Fan Support.
  69. I just downloaded the game and it has no audio...
  70. Battle Game Mode Text Guide/Tips
  71. Roadmap needed
  72. Please help, About guns
  73. Backed myself in a corner?
  74. Upcoming sale on XBL including this game: 26th Feb to 4th March
  75. Resident Evil Games on Demand Sale on today!
  76. Final boss?
  77. Oh f*** you game!
  78. Infinite Green Herbs
  79. mixed hArb
  80. Classic Style Controls
  81. No damage - shaking off those zombies!
  82. Roadmap Needed
  83. Roadmap
  84. Why is there no leaderboard for Battle Mode?