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  1. Info Thread
  2. The game lost its charm in a SNAP
  3. Looks good, but question is can it deliver ?
  4. E3 Video
  5. what is your favourite Resident Evil boss or monster
  6. possible release date.
  7. Achievement Discussion
  8. Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City
  9. When this game releases, who will be your go to character?
  10. insertedevil.com
  11. Only disappointment so far?
  12. Not sure about story choice
  13. Is this gonna be like Resi 4 and Resi 5?
  14. Excited?
  15. Local co-op
  16. New Trailer, Multiplayer Heroes Mode
  17. Full list of characters in the game?
  18. Out In Two Days
  19. New Trailer
  20. Birkin Boss Fight Video
  21. Look, I Found Some Good Info!
  22. Achievement List Released
  23. Missing the "classic Res Evil" feel? Try this.
  24. Killing Leon??
  25. Scariest moment
  26. Pc / Steam
  27. Alternate Costumes??
  28. RE:ORC leveling system questions?
  29. RE:ORC Question?
  30. Favorite RE character?
  31. Favorite Game in the series?
  32. move and shoot?
  33. Are there more..
  34. Secret achievements?
  35. What do you have to do to get a Talking Tofu in here?
  36. Nemesis Mode
  37. isit possible to unlock...
  38. Already we get 2 post launch DLC's...
  39. Question About Campaign
  40. Is the limited edition available to buy in the UK?
  41. Weapon and Costume Packs on Marketplace
  42. Free DLC Announced
  43. Achievement Trading Thread
  44. Playing online with randoms for campaign?
  45. Secret Achievements Revealed (SPOILERS)
  46. Getting Infected
  47. 3 Niggles So Far..
  48. First Impressions
  49. Co-Op and MP partner thread.
  50. Online Pass for this game?
  51. Best game ever played!!!
  52. No PC version? I'm surprised Capcom...
  53. How do you kill...(may contain spoilers)
  54. When did RE get so ..."away from the original thought"?
  55. Favorite and best guns!
  56. Question about DLC weapons/costumes
  57. Special Edition Question Need Help Please
  58. "Racoon City Mascot" Locations
  59. question about DLC
  60. This IS my most anticipated game this year!
  61. need the 360a community help and review
  62. anyone want to stqart a bitching thread.. or this can be one...
  63. Question about Professional and S+ achievements
  64. Brutal Kills MP and SP related
  65. To people complaining about AI.
  66. Faced with a dilemma...buy standard, or wait 2 days for special
  67. Campaign Matchmaking not working?
  68. x360a Review
  69. Anyone know if this game is able to play with people on the other side...?
  70. Collectors Edition Content question
  71. controls
  72. what you think?
  73. kill or save Chris....
  74. Collect Data
  75. *Spoiler* Fun Times With Decisions
  76. Didnt take long for spawn killing!!!
  77. flashing weapon caches
  78. Anybody else get the feeling
  79. 2 questions
  80. Question about Tyrants (as a lore thing)
  81. S+ question
  82. Weapon and Costume DLC
  83. Anyone have tips for professional?
  84. Achievment tips. Look inside
  85. Weapon Add-ons
  86. Doppleganger glitch.
  87. please S REQUIREMENTS
  88. Bertha + Stimpack
  89. action_pickup_gvirus_disabled
  90. 2 tyrants on professional?
  91. love it but it needs
  92. guide/roadmap?
  93. Stackable?
  94. Graphics?
  95. Capcom needs to fix Resident Evil: ORC
  96. easy way to get a few of the achievements (video)
  97. Achievement Guide & Roadmap
  98. anyone else getting glitchy achievements
  99. Second campaign?
  100. S/S/S/S on Veteran with no S+ Grade?
  101. Quick question
  102. T 103 Magma Tyrant?
  103. Best XP?
  104. [SPOILERS] In Chapter 6...
  105. Favorite Character
  106. S+ on professional?
  107. Kill 4 Heroes in 1 Match
  108. Uk dlc
  109. You cannot get S+ in multiplayer.
  110. Question about S+
  111. Professional Chaper 5 Help!
  112. "Power weapon pack" token available
  113. Grenade Launcher?
  114. Any methods for boosting EXP?
  115. Absolute let down
  116. Raccoon City's Best Weapons?
  117. Zombie Dogs
  118. Question about DLC
  119. Anybody else having trouble unlocking "By Trail of Dead"
  120. Anyone get Nemesis Mode?
  121. Fastest Way to 98 Games?
  122. Relitively Easy EXP
  123. RE: Operation Umbrella
  124. If you want to know how it is ...
  125. Here are the S+ Requirements
  126. That song....
  127. Anyone experiencing any glitched Achievements?
  128. Multiplayer Exploits/Effective Strategies
  129. Some low-down on the whole S+
  130. uk shops that stock it?
  131. Laggy Multiplayer
  132. Questions.
  133. Bugs Captured on Video
  134. Possible cheaters/modders?
  135. You Love to Hate my 98 is a bit glitchy
  136. S+ Question?
  137. Most effective/popular classes and abilities?
  138. Three type writers
  139. Xp farming
  140. Need help please
  141. Video Guides For S+ Rank
  142. Whats your longest kill streak?
  143. The Loyalists achievement
  144. Okay so...
  145. S+ rank in multiplayer question
  146. S+ - The Complete Walkthrough to Great Success (With Videos!)
  147. Stuck on mission 5 on Professional
  148. Second controller?
  149. Does anyone
  150. Professional Glitch, maybe?
  151. What the hell is up with heroes mode?
  152. Expendables: 2nd Tyrant not spawning glitch
  153. Supreme Survivors is glitched!
  154. Choices aplenty a little glitchy?
  155. Possible Raccoon City XP Glitch?
  156. professional and veteran campaign Bug*Small Spolier alert*
  157. Looking for Co-Op Campaign Partner - Mission 5 / 7
  158. Multiplayer is broken because of Assault.
  159. Now that many of us have figured out the game...
  160. versus achievement
  161. spec ops are annoying
  162. new modes possible
  164. What the hell is wrong
  165. Is 98 the Highest Rank?
  166. Help
  167. Question About XP Farming.
  168. Raccoon City Mascot?
  169. Will the free Spec Ops DLC fix the bugs and glitches?
  170. magma tyrant will not die!!
  171. Moonlight Sonata Easter Egg?
  172. Ranking Up=Abilties cost more
  173. Any 1 else struggling with expendable on solo?
  174. Quick Draw mode?
  175. Werid Question
  176. Review from a fan of the serie since the old days...
  177. Glitches
  178. You Love To Hate My 98 help....
  179. Updates to Campaign You would like to see.
  180. Spec Ops Campaign DLC 500gs
  181. COOP S+ Question
  182. Multiplayer achievements help
  183. S+ question
  184. Either I'm a complete idiot, or this game is beyond awful
  185. why is this game getting such bad reviews?
  186. Tips on being a better versus mode player
  187. Professional campaign completed no achievement unlock
  188. I have the first DLC and so far no achievements
  189. Spec Ops DLC - Question
  190. DLC release schedule
  191. Eye of the Storm (free DLC) Intel Guide
  192. Security Cameras in DLC???
  193. Can't find anyone in the campaign?
  194. Nemesis Eye of the Storm!
  195. How do you play split screen?
  196. Professional S+ ranks done easier with a little trick.
  197. Success & Great Success Free Play??
  198. Was super soldier altered with the patch?
  199. Welp, My Stats Were Totally Erased
  200. Need a good level/strategy for boosting the multiplayer achievements.
  201. Cheaters online?
  202. Spec ops missions 2-4
  203. Dont bother with the new DLC's achievements yet, its not up on Xbox.com
  204. "Let Lounging Lickers Lie" Achievement
  205. I'm giving in, Capcom you're really starting to dissapoint me.
  206. Question about DLC
  207. 15 Guns Bought Glitched?
  208. difficulty spike???
  209. Is anyone else with expansion pack 1 not seeing the new multiplayer maps?
  210. DLC Achievements should work NOW
  211. Versus Mode Achievement Team Attack issue.
  212. Let Lickers Lie is Easy
  213. The Door to C4 as Tweed
  214. Bomb Dog Location
  215. Burning Inside achievement?
  216. burning inside
  217. Best Place for XP Farming Guaranteed!!
  218. Question about the next DLC
  219. dlc secret 35g achievement.
  220. DLC freezes on last mission
  221. Rocket Launcher found in spec ops DLC mission 3
  222. Question about burning inside achievement
  223. Spectre? ... Most useless character?
  224. Struggling to get S+
  225. S.O.S with new dlc.
  226. Is it just me or...
  227. Can NEVER find any other players?
  228. which missons are the hardest?
  229. don't people get tired of playing the same map?
  230. DLC fixed?
  231. Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City Special Edition -Unboxing- Xbox 360
  232. Spec Ops Foundry Versus
  233. STRANGE online glitch
  234. end of line help on pro
  235. honest opinions
  236. versus mode
  237. Nemisis trouble
  238. why am i not getting S+ rank???
  239. How to change mods?
  240. can you track which missions you s+ on different difficulties
  241. The Complete S+ Club
  242. GFWL Version out 18th May in EU (15th May in US)
  243. Game freezing/Xbox?
  244. Collect Data Question
  245. Achievement Trading Thread (PC Version)
  246. DLC Question
  247. Rocket socket cheeve info?
  248. Rocket socket question?
  249. Question about Tyranical achievement
  250. PC version achievements issue