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  1. Sonic Generations E3 2011 Trailer
  2. Official Box Art Revealed
  3. Demo confirmed for June/July!
  4. Update - 20 / 7 / 11
  5. Sonic game we've been waiting for?
  6. UK Collectors Edition
  7. Avatar Awards
  8. Yes Achievements!
  9. Crush 40 music??
  10. Which stage will you be playing the most?
  11. Sonic Generations demo
  12. Secret Achievements (Spoilers)
  13. What stages should have been in the game? (spoilers)
  14. Game got leaked!!!
  15. Achievement Guide and Roadmap (Work in Progress)
  16. Hard mode and Avatar Awards?
  17. Greased Lighting Achievement Video
  18. Hidden Statue Room
  19. Green Hill Zone Achievement Glitched?
  20. Super Sonic Avatar costume
  21. Tips on the Doppelganger Race Challenge on planet wisp?
  22. Help on Boss Fight (Spoilers)
  23. Just checking: you do NOT need S ranks on Challenge Acts for an achievement?
  24. Levels you'd like to see remade
  25. is it worth getting??
  26. Help with Trickster achievement?
  27. Hard Mode
  28. "SPEED HIGHWAY Restored" achievement glitched?
  29. The Byway or the Highway
  30. Eradictor is glitched not unlocked
  31. Tips on the Doppelganger Race Challenge on Crisis City?
  32. Red Ring In Green Hill act 1(The achievement one) not showin?
  33. Trickstar Achievement Video
  34. (Hedge)Hogging It All Up is glitched for me
  35. Dont understand.
  36. Just the game I wanted.
  37. Unresponsive Light Dash?
  38. A Quick Breather
  39. The Music isn't named correctly
  40. Color Power Achievement video
  41. Red Ring Guide
  42. Secret Sleuth
  43. Best area to farm extra lives?
  44. So who got S ranks on everything?
  45. I always run out of rings when going for Can't Touch This
  46. vector challenge
  47. Red Ring video walkthrough.
  48. Various HD Achievement Guides and Hard Mode Guides for the Avatar Awards
  49. Sky Sanctuary Restored Achievement Glitched
  50. What happens when you run out of lives?
  51. Nintendo 3DS Version
  52. Cant Touch This
  53. Help please
  54. 30 Seconds trial won't work
  55. Beating Green Hill in 1 minute
  56. Red Ring Guide
  57. Any more DLC soon?
  58. Online error?
  59. I am Disappoint
  60. Casiṇ Night DLC on asian marketplace
  61. Boss battles that should have been in game or different
  62. Sonic Dlc
  63. OFFICAL 'Eradicator' fix.
  64. Mission Accomplished glitched
  65. Disconnects from XBL when playing
  66. Vote for your DLC
  67. Which does this game favor?
  68. Supersonic ?!?
  69. Sonic Act1 Challenges Missing
  70. Planet Wisp not unlocked
  71. How long does the game take?
  72. treasure hunter didn't unlock
  73. Boom Boom Dragoon Not Unlocked All stages clear has!
  74. Unlock homing attack (skill) for classic Sonic
  75. Final Boss
  76. how do we get the 6 awards
  77. Am I the only one that sucks at S ranks?
  78. Ranking attack chievo not unlocked!?
  79. will there be a patch regarding glitched achievements?
  80. Chao World Should Have Returned
  81. What do YOU want in the next Sonic title??
  82. sonic Install Problem
  83. Rival Battles
  84. Bonds Of Friendship HELP PLEASE !!!
  85. Boss Battles on Hard Mode
  86. stupid challenges
  87. Are you kidding me!?
  88. The 3D in this game is amazing!
  89. how do you get panet wisp restored?
  90. Achievements screwed up.
  91. 1000/1000
  92. Glitched collectibles?
  93. [READ BEFORE PLAYING] Full Collectible Guide
  94. final boss
  95. What a piece of s***!
  96. Dlc on marketplacei
  97. Achievement Difficulty Rating
  98. Estimated Time to 100%