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  1. I have it.
  2. Achievments
  3. am i best playing
  4. if i complete the game
  5. hangar problem
  6. Iceman help
  7. Ice Man S.TECH loc PLZ
  8. i actually enjoyed that
  9. Can anyone rell me where the X-file is on the Serpent level (boss)
  10. mastermold interior help
  11. Needs some Tips!
  12. Can't save using a "guest" account
  13. Anyway, is it easy?
  14. boss help
  15. How do i defeat Multiple Man?
  16. Kill Sentenial?
  17. Master Mold Interior help
  18. Not impressed at all
  19. Help with Silver Samurai
  20. Really Need Help On Final Boss: Wolverine
  21. Got Act 3 but act2....ach..
  22. Fission Plant
  23. mastermold interior sen. tech
  24. Second solo mission with iceman,help
  25. Help with the fire serpent...? (Boss)
  26. where are the xfiles and sent tech in iceman levels????
  27. Need help with Nightcrawler's final mission!!
  28. i've checked everywhere..
  29. Please Help Me Fire Serpent Sent Tech
  30. Fire Serpeant
  31. Need Help with Silver Samurai in SuperHero mode
  32. Evolution Achievement
  33. Am i just terrible, or am i not the only one?
  34. Aaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhh.
  35. Help please.
  36. is x men worth the time
  37. Weapon X File, Iceman, Power Plant Tunnels?
  38. Wolverine: Sabretooth (Superhero)... Advice?
  39. Completion Question
  40. Giant Sentinel Level
  41. Need information on sentinels and weapon x files
  42. Need help on nightcrawlers last mission on superhero, and need help on iceman's......
  43. The level where you have to destroy the 2 teleporters
  44. why is it such a bad game?
  45. Can u beat tha game on novice?
  46. Can someone do.............
  47. FAQs
  48. Game info
  49. Achievement guide
  50. Achievement discussion
  51. How to beat Sabertooth on Superhero (easy way)
  52. The truly awesome boss faq
  53. Achievement guide Sticky link broken
  54. X-men complete Walkthrough
  55. Achievement problem
  56. !!!!!
  57. Guest Acount?
  58. Wow, that was easy.
  59. Danger Room Act 2 achievement
  60. Multiple Man Glitch
  61. 9 bucks at eb new, worth it?
  62. Help For Nightcrawler - Final Mission! (Superhero)
  63. Am I just really bad?
  64. Problem with guide...
  65. Iceman vs Pyro...
  66. a quick question about mutations
  67. Last Boss
  68. ok wtf??!??
  69. worst game in my opinion ever
  70. Evolution query
  71. Should I buy it
  72. 3 or 4 shots and you die?
  73. Is this anything like Spiderman Friend or Foe?
  74. Sentinal Tech on 'Hangar'
  75. how do i put my gamercard and achievments on here
  76. Complete Walkthrough.
  77. xmen achievement won't unlock
  78. Why does this game have the ridiculous subtitle?
  79. Pretty good game
  80. When did Colossus become such a p***y?
  81. How much is this game worth?
  82. Can I Cheat At This Game
  83. master mold interior help
  84. I give up...
  85. questions about going back to a level you did...
  86. do u have to beat this game on super hero?
  87. Help!!!
  88. HELP-Level with Iceman flying through tunnels...
  89. help me please
  90. Sabertooth, Who's your daddy? (Surefire victory)
  91. NightCrawler Tech achievement glitch
  92. Need help with Giant Sentinel...
  93. can anyone help plz
  94. Roadmap needs to be corrected.
  95. A little advice...
  96. Achievement Problem
  97. Any 1 else with this problem
  98. glitched game ????
  99. Where are the checkpoints!!!
  100. just got this game today
  101. Someone explain the logic of this.
  102. Is the roadmap now legit?
  103. Achievement Difficulty Rating
  104. Estimated Time to 100%