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  1. Gameplay vid
  2. Achievement Trading Thread
  3. I can not wait for this game!
  4. 400 Gs?
  5. Does anyone know how double perfect, triple perfect etc?
  6. Has anyone had any glitchy errors with achievements?
  7. Anyone know what the secret achievements are?
  8. How do i double double and triple trip perfect?
  9. Beat 30 levels as alternate characters?
  10. Most hated level so far?
  11. Achievement question.
  12. Blocked World 4
  13. Lol no one is playing this game huh?
  14. Stuff u might wanna know
  15. How to unlock the boss level in world 1?
  16. Guide & Roadmap: Bit.Trip Presents Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien