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  1. Europe release date
  2. Achievement Discussion
  3. Peace Walker Included in HD Collection?
  4. Achievment guide and Road Map
  5. 20% off at Amazon
  6. US/NTSC version is NOT compatible with PAL consoles.
  7. Metal Gear Ray and Shagohod Avatar Props.
  8. Why no MGS1?
  9. Greatest Day of My Life
  10. So... how is it? (Unhappy European asking :P)
  11. Metal Gear HD Collection Avatar Items/Outfits
  12. Were the controls always this awkward?
  13. In need of a comprehensive MGS3 guide.
  14. I never thought in a million years
  15. Any other Metal Gear Solid newbs?
  16. Games on Demand?
  17. Metal Gear Solid Avatr Props Now Available
  18. Snake Beater Achievement
  19. peace walker included?
  20. How do you get snake beater?
  21. sexting help
  22. MGS2 Dog Tags guide
  23. The Official Metal Gear Solid 2 Dog Tags List
  24. Metal Gear Solid 3 Complete Kerotan Guide Locations !
  25. 'Snake Eyes' question
  26. Virtually Impossible
  27. how do i get the end to die of old age...
  28. do i have to play again?
  29. Wow, majorly pissed. Beware!
  30. External Gazer mission is broken
  31. MGS 5 Announced!!! - Dont know if all platforms yet
  32. Is Snake Eyes possible in Demo Theater?
  33. Is this gonna be on Sale anywhere for Black Friday?
  34. Missing Guard (Tanker)
  35. Do you have to get all the camo's in one playthrough?
  36. Does it matter if you pick either 2001 or 2002 dogtags?
  37. I'm not the only one am I?
  38. Question about Great Dane.
  39. Don't Taze Me Bro
  40. A Nation Reborn achivement didn't pop for me in Peace Walker.
  41. i need some guidence on how to control snake..
  42. MGS1 Snake variety level 1 (sniping 31 guards)
  43. difficulty of achievements?
  44. I need someone to confirm how to get the stealth camo in MGS 2.
  45. Lost 2001 dog tags?
  46. Peace walker achievement help
  47. All VR missions and characters
  48. Tengu Elevator Fight on Extreme
  49. Would you recommend getting this? I have never played ANY Metal Gear.
  50. External Gazer Help
  51. Why do I have everything unlocked in mgs3?
  52. Question about the Tsuchinoko (Believe It or Not)
  53. metal gear solid 4???
  54. question about scott dolph's speech + marine dogtags.
  55. The End easy death questio
  56. Markhor Avhievement Question
  57. King of the Jungle Achievement Question
  58. virtually impossible: how long did it take you?
  59. who's your favorite boss?
  60. Need help with the 4 plants for markhor
  61. Does parrot count as a kill for PW achievement?
  62. No Metal Gear Solid 1
  63. The Fury's camoflauge
  64. Frog Hunting
  65. Quick question for MGS2 on Hard...
  66. VR Missions
  67. Stackable Achievements? NTSC/PAL wise?
  68. Snake Eyes in one go? (MGS3)
  69. Possible re-release as separate titles?
  70. Europe: Less than one week to go!
  71. People already have this in UK?
  72. Who is replaying Metal Gear Solid 1 now?
  73. Feb 3rd for europe?
  74. Cooking Grenades? MGS1 Snake Grenade lvl 02 now impossible?
  75. GAME- MGS HD problems
  76. Tesco
  77. Limited edition
  78. Where can I get the box art
  79. glamour pics..
  80. This is the famous Metal Gear Solid 2 ... its terrible!
  81. persuade guards to drop tags
  82. achievments
  83. MGS3 markhor/peace walker rank question
  84. Save compatibility EU and US version
  85. Metal gear and metal gear 2 solid snake???
  86. Snake tales
  87. MGS2 & MGS3 Reload Save (workaround)
  88. What order should I play the games in?
  89. MGS3 Active Sonar BROKEN
  90. Starting 2nd playthrough - New save file?
  91. Problems unlocking the Snake Beater Achievement. :(
  92. virtually impossible help
  93. Camouflage
  94. Pressure Sensitive Controls
  95. Fatman on extreme... what more needs to be said...
  96. VR Missions - Do you need to make top 3?
  97. Stealth Camo?
  98. Can anyone confirm the great dane loophole?
  99. Shell 2 access (mg2)
  100. Ketoran Frog in Torture Room
  101. Peace Walker - Do dog kills count?
  102. For anyone following Kerotan videos in Guide
  103. It still work's
  104. Control system is awful!
  105. M1911, go away!
  106. MGS2 Question? [Spoiler]
  107. Peace Walker achievements?
  108. Extreme difficulty question
  109. All VR Missions 100% Full Video Guide
  110. 2 Questions.
  111. Metal Gear Timeline
  112. MGS2 European Extreme Video Walkthrough
  113. Camo/paint ach not unlocking
  114. Does each game have its own 1000g?
  115. Metal Gear Solid 2 The Domino Effect
  116. Torture Scenes
  117. MGS2: Need some help [possible spoilers]
  118. MGS2: Story [Spoilers]
  119. I have a question on markhor achievement
  120. Limited Edition Zavvi Exclusive Unboxing
  121. New Game+
  122. How do you sneak in MGS3?
  123. i love the collection
  124. Arsenal Gear - Illeum (Hard)
  125. Questios about the collection
  126. VR Missions Tengus
  127. Alternative Missions
  128. question about metal gear solid 1
  129. Why wasn't Metal Gear Solid included in this pack?
  130. Which one should I start with?
  131. Specific question about saving issues while getting dog tags
  132. controls probleem => me new = noob
  133. Problem holding up guards
  134. Worth the buy?
  135. Is it possible to cook grenades on MGS2?
  136. Metal Gear Ray boss battle Extreme video guide
  137. Stealth Camo
  138. why mgs peace walker dissapered
  139. Virtually Impossible
  140. Mgs1/4 (avoiding spoilers!)
  141. Shaky Hand?
  142. Never played, Should I try it?
  143. Interactive collectible checklist
  144. I May Have Found Something Important Regarding MGS:V
  145. how does new game plus work with dogtags
  146. i there a cheat way to kill mech genola like you can with gurgulon?
  147. Can you change difficulty in new game?
  148. Dear God... I think Virtually Impossible may have Glitched... Help???
  149. Help!Possible glitch stuck on bridge with bombs
  150. Buy used?
  151. Achievement Difficulty Rating
  152. Estimated Time to 100%