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  1. Pushed back
  2. I wish it had SH1.
  3. Achievements?
  4. Favorite Silent Hill Game
  5. Achievement Discussion
  6. achivements are up
  7. Two new videos!
  8. Silent Hill HD Collection
  9. can't install to harddrive?
  10. Everyone's first impressions?
  11. how to get back to game select?
  12. Opening the game now
  13. Protip: you can still soft reset the game
  14. Wondering what the best way to tackle these games are
  15. SH3 Sound Issues?
  16. Missing Achievement
  17. Achievement Guide and Road map
  18. Don't Keep Her Waiting
  19. Is anyone else not having any problems?
  20. Silent hill 2 glitched out on me!!!!!!
  21. My 10 Star Statistics For Others' Reference
  22. Estimated Difficulty?
  23. Anyone Need Any Help or Tips For Silent Hill 2?
  24. coin puzzle
  25. Unlocking regular hyper spray?
  26. x3 bullets?
  27. Did Hijinx Studios DESTROY the camera?
  28. Question for 10 star ranking...
  29. anybody elses game freezing?
  30. Fighting controls?
  31. HD yea thats a joke.
  32. Silent Hill 2...DONE!
  33. Keeping enemies from scurrying away after you down them?
  34. SH3 - Perm Glitched?
  35. Eddie Boss Fight On Hard *NO DAMAGE* (video)
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  37. Using special items negates ten star rank?
  38. Silent Hill 3 Possessed ending glitched?
  39. can someone please clarify a new game..
  40. The only thing holding me back from 10* is boat time and 38 pts of damage >_<
  41. SH2 & SH3 Saves 2 or less help
  42. Should I get Silent Hill HD or The Original PS2 releases?
  43. Akira Yamaoka wants to work on Silent Hill again!
  44. SH2 10* video guide
  45. Took me longer to save my results that play through the game.
  46. This Or Downpour?
  47. Maria AI problem?
  48. Achievement Guide (Silent Hill 3)
  49. How much Gamerscore just for completing SH2 and 3?
  50. Extra Riddle difficulty in SH2
  51. Silent Hill 2 10 Star Stats: kills by area breakdown
  52. Too Dark?
  53. unlimited machine gun issue?
  54. beginner?
  55. Questions before starting SH2
  56. Completely terrifying..
  57. Boat ride
  58. Man, this game has some weird issues
  59. best place to farm for 75 melee and gun kills on hard
  60. New game stats carry on doubt
  61. In Water path ends with Maria ending?
  62. Grinding spot for the Heather beam
  63. got my 10 star rank from sh2 :) <3
  64. Hard Enemy Point Damage Experiment (for 10 star)
  65. How am i doing for my 10* run? stats inside.
  66. some more damage information for 10* (my stats)
  67. When is the patch out?
  68. SH3: Normal and Posessed endings in one playthrough with save?
  69. Easy Way To Get Where's Luna Achievement
  70. Heather Beam doesn't unlock
  71. Need opinions
  72. Finally did SH2!!!
  73. Thoughts on The Room?
  74. SH3 - "Coolest. Dad. Ever." not unlocking
  75. Would like an opinion 10* playthrough
  76. Play or not?
  77. Why was this game released?
  78. Difficulty of silent hill 2 hard mode
  79. Don't Keep Her Waiting is easy exscept on hard
  80. Having problems with Kicking/stamping
  81. Patch cancelled
  82. Shooting and melee achievements, are they cumulative?
  83. First time playing ... My Thoughts ...
  84. Silent Hill 2 (Silent Hill HD)
  85. Completed all endings, though game says I haven't ...
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  87. help with the spitters/sprayers on hard
  88. random lag??
  89. Silent Hill HD Collection: Discussion and achievement boasting!
  90. Blue Gem in SH2 won't show.
  91. Now that the cost to patch was removed...
  92. when doing a speed run, does pausing the game keep the clock ticking?
  93. Freezing
  94. Question about the Creeper trap room
  95. Can you...really get all the achievements in SH3?
  96. Silent Hill 2 Endings
  97. Boat Ride on Hard
  98. Heart-Stopping Glitch/Freeze on SH3
  99. Backwards compatible