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  1. Back to Karkand Release Times!
  2. Back To Karkand Locations for Achievements
  3. BF3 & B2K crossover?
  4. Back to Karkand Opinions?
  5. B2K Assignments
  6. Conquest Assault?
  7. Favourite Map?
  8. How many weapons have you unlocked?
  9. Thoughts on the F35?
  10. Old vets, how do like the redesigned maps?
  11. Wake Island
  12. Quit Percentage
  13. Anyone else disappointed with the achivement pictures?
  14. How to join B2K ONLY servers
  15. 4 DLC Video Achievement Guides
  16. Cant join people who DONT have karkand.
  17. my xbox freezes every time i try to play on Wake Island
  18. SQDM party up
  19. so lets get this straight... the vehicles we need are on normal Conquest maps........
  20. Would someone PLEASE help me
  21. Wow they took all the bases so now we cant spawn...
  22. Conquest and CQA map list.
  23. Anyone upset over a 120 point dlc??
  24. Skidloader kill
  25. Weapons, Vehicles and Unlock guide for the Karkand DLC
  26. Jet/Chopper Spawning
  27. Wheres the anti air gun on Wake Island?
  28. Ugh can't find a game!
  29. How the F**k
  30. VTOL Question
  31. Pop your achievement on Jaws the right way...
  32. Have YOU been killed by the Skid Loader?
  33. F-35
  34. Normal Conquest not retarded assault
  35. Ticket count (on conquest)
  36. gunslinger cheevo glitched
  37. Impossible to search for Wake Island?
  38. Btr-90
  39. How the HELL do you destroy an enemy vehicle with a repair torch..
  40. Arm 10Mcoms
  41. Leet Sniper/Bush Wookie
  42. Complete Warrior
  43. PP-19 Weapon Assignment
  44. Scarred veteran unlock problems
  45. Co op
  46. Weapon Stats Sig.
  47. DPV Jeep kills not counting..
  48. What's your favourite Karkand weapon?
  49. Gulf of Oman Jet Spawns?
  50. Got killed by a SILENCED MK3A1. WTF?
  51. Question about limited edition
  52. Some Assignment Clarifications
  53. The LAV-AD is a beast
  54. Connection Issues
  55. FAMAS is way too powerful
  56. Question about It goes boom! assigment
  57. Third Tour In single match?
  58. DPV kill strategy?
  59. last nights server crash!
  60. Greatest BF3 Commercial. Ever. EVER.
  61. How can you tell if it's CQ or CQA?
  62. Gunslinger Question
  63. Limited Edition Version and Back To Karkand.
  64. 10/10 weapons - 20+ kills whit each, no achievement
  65. I got the skidloader kill running headfirst into an enemy dune buggy
  66. i cant get my back to karkand for free!!
  67. Desperate for Wake Island...
  68. Which maps have Conquest?
  69. Complete Warrior....help!?
  70. most accurate assault rifle?
  71. Karkand Achievement Guide and Roadmap
  72. Complete warrior glitched?
  73. My Guide To Complete Warrior
  74. Can someone explain where the BTR-90 IFV is??
  75. Deleting B2K
  76. Complete warrior - Unranked Servers
  77. complete warrior server
  78. a question about the updated pics for the achievements
  79. Any estimate when this dlc may be on sale?
  80. Rent a server update needed?
  81. Battlefield Karkand (50% off) May 1 7
  82. 10 b2k guns
  83. Do mortars drop confetti ?
  84. Back to karkand problems
  85. squad deathmatch . . .
  86. EOD Bot
  87. Complete Warrior
  88. L85A2 Gun
  89. Back to Karkand Roadmap
  90. Official XBA Boosting Session Information & Discussion