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  11. Wow just my luck
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  13. Let's get this straight?
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  15. What time does this officially release?
  16. First look of the Green Level 1 (LVL101)
  17. All 5 map flythroughs, all look amazing! Damn can't wait.
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  19. Found an easter egg on The Slab
  20. Prestiging does NOT fulfill requirement of Srsly 3.0
  21. Hmmmm?
  22. How Do i re-up!!!
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  25. Quick question about the come to poppa achievement
  26. Warning: Do not play public horde
  27. Stay Frosty
  28. Best map for solo horde?
  29. So......is it safe to re-up?
  30. Boosting without TU?
  31. This new DLC won't let me play public
  32. having problems with versus multiplayer
  33. What do you guys think about the Re-Up Camo? (Gold Plasma)
  34. Why do I have Savage Creeper instead of Marauder?
  35. Field Service Medal glitched
  36. Misunderstood?
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  38. Getting disconnected from live
  39. Need 4 more people to play as the new characters
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  44. Colectables cleared?
  45. Fortifications
  46. Clutch ribbon help!!!!
  47. Easter Egg Hunt
  48. Who want's to bet 3rd re up and last Level 100 will be achievements in the final DLC
  49. I'd like to play the DLC maps I payed for!
  50. If u re-up
  51. People using thrashball drone??
  52. cheveo progress
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  54. want anyone want to play gears of war 3
  55. Anyluck on the easter egg.
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  57. trying to charge me
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  59. 10 leader kills on guardian
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