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  41. I hate Thin Men.
  42. 'Edison' Achievement Question
  43. is there anyway to check how many UFOs you have shot down
  44. Grapple Glitch
  45. So how did you name your soldiers?
  46. Question about dashboarding on Iron Man
  47. Which Power Armour?
  48. Xavier Achievement
  49. Question about the point of no return *spoilers*
  50. Terror missions on Impossible?
  51. Hit Percentages Predetermined?
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  54. So anyone got to the end yet ?
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  63. Any Tips for Geoscape Strategy on Impossible
  64. Is it possible to grind?
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  66. Ironman PSI
  67. Saves lagging? + Final mission glitch (again)
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  69. Selling stuff?
  70. My Impossible game's panic level -- am I screwed?
  71. Can't save!?!?
  72. How do I level Psi abilities?
  73. Classic/Ironman Mode Walkthrough
  74. Hunter/Killer
  75. Unfair AI
  76. How do I beat this game?!? (Some spoilers)
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  78. Help, Barracks have been grayed out since the tutorial!?
  79. Difficulty question
  80. Any other games like this?
  81. Can I find regular floaters at the end of the game?
  82. Help/Info for Game-Progress...
  83. Slingshot DLC tomorrow but achievements still not online
  84. Slingshot DLC out now!
  85. now 14:99
  86. Multiple Abductions??
  87. Xcom £7 in Morrisons
  88. Missing the Overseer ship - when will it come back?
  89. Warring about the Slingshot DLC
  90. Classic Ironman quick tips
  91. Wet Work glitched
  92. Slingshot DLC: Is it worth it?
  93. Do easter egg character disable achievements for future playthroughs?
  94. Cant access dlc
  95. In the Zone vs Double Tap
  96. special edition
  97. Any Suggestions for Final Room battle on ironman *Possible Spoilers?*
  98. Shooting Stars Achievement Easy Method.
  99. 9/10 Difficulty?
  100. "Save Game" browser problems post patch (more than 100 saves?)
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  110. Slingshot DLC question
  111. wet work bugged?
  112. Any new DLC in the future?
  113. This game is literally impossible
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  115. Will Enemy within allow you to unlock Slingshot Achievs?
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  118. Game broken?
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