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  1. Kyburz Keypad number
  2. Brass Balls run through... Tips on plasmids and weapons please?
  3. Glitch?
  4. HELP! Cant find these 2 audio diaries!
  5. I've just re-bought this game!
  6. yet another vital chamber problem thread
  7. Is there anyway?
  8. Cohen achievement?
  9. security bot research
  10. Avid inventor glitch?
  11. Silas Cobb glitch, I'm trapped!
  12. dairy help yes i kno theve been threads on this
  13. Renting BioShock...
  14. Tonic Collector plz help.
  15. Tonic Collector Ahievement question.
  16. Help in Fort Frolic
  17. Video Achievement Guide
  18. Where'd the Little Sister go?
  19. Just three questions
  20. Probably a stupid question but..
  21. Cult of Rapture
  22. finishing off
  23. I want to try this game but...
  24. Is there a guide on the location of all little sisters?
  25. Audio Diary not showing up in records?
  26. How to Kill a Big Daddy 101
  27. Do achievements stack?
  28. Didn't get brass balls for some reason...
  29. There's no option to turn off the vita chambers for me...
  30. Where to get the foreign versions?
  31. Brass Balls Problem
  32. How to fix the disable vita chamber option
  33. Can i still get Brass Balls?
  34. Bioshock/Elder Scrolls double pack
  35. BD Bouncer Question.
  36. Sander Cohen problem
  37. Diable Vita-Chambers Not Showing Up
  38. All Achievements In One Play-through Possible?
  39. quick question
  40. Quick question.
  41. bouncer locations?
  42. Help me!
  43. Brass Balls.
  44. Can't Do Brass Balls Offline?
  45. Medical Pavilion Little sister
  46. Possible glitch?
  47. Sander Cohen's masterpiece - last guy not showing up
  48. Gamerscore not adding up
  49. 1100GS one-playthrough - Enjoyable factor
  50. Brass Balls STILL isn't working.
  51. missable?
  52. Brass Balls - Disable Vita Chambr Fix No Longer Possible
  53. Bioshock: Plasmids, Tonics, Upgrades, Diary's & Little Sister Guide
  54. Do they spawn back?
  55. X360A Bioshock Challenge Thread
  56. X360A Bioshock Challenge Submission
  57. Researching at the end
  58. About to start my journey
  59. Killed Big Daddy, no sister?
  60. Olympus Heights elevator code/diary
  61. 2 quick questions
  62. Door Glitch on Fort Frolic! Help needed!
  63. Hey please help...:)
  64. Research PhD Glitched?
  65. Plasmids 'n All
  66. Second playthrough question
  67. Brass Balls Run Though.
  68. What difficulty should i pick
  69. Graphical glitch in Arcadia
  70. vita-chambers option glitch
  71. Purchasing all plasmid slots...might have blown it.
  72. Hack achievement
  73. Worried About Plasmid Achievement
  74. Cohen achievements nightmare!!!
  75. Question about Brass Balls Achievement
  76. Adam and Eve
  77. Did I F up?
  78. weird no-vitas/brass balls glitch?
  79. ***"Disable Vita Chambers" option dissappeared? Look Here!***
  80. Harvesting tool glitched?
  81. Can I get 960 points playing on easy?
  82. Where to buy slots?
  83. To harvest or not to harvest?
  84. How do I know when I can go for the Brass Balls achievement?
  85. upgrade order
  86. achvments not poppin up
  87. Where is this diary??.. 18.The Vita Chamber (Suchong)
  88. Helpp!!!
  89. i thought you could go back and get the diaries....
  90. should i do the brass balls?
  91. German copy of Bioshock for sale (stackable achievements)
  92. pc achivements???
  93. Blizzard Plasmid?
  94. Important tonics/upgrades for brass balls?
  95. Brass Balls Queston- Really Worried!
  96. WTF??? Achievement list problem. (Website problem)
  97. Helpp.....
  98. Bee Enzyme
  99. Quick Question!!!
  100. Having trouble finding Bouncers
  101. Southpaw
  102. where do i find the disable vita chambers?
  103. Fort Frolic glitch
  104. Can't break the wreckage...
  105. Hmm. Maybe I could do Brass Balls...
  106. Big Daddy Help On Hard
  107. Brass Balls Little Sister Question
  108. Where the girl at??
  109. Research PhD Help
  110. Reasearch PhD bugged?
  111. Brass Balls - 100% question
  112. HELP with NITRO SPLICER research
  113. Boss battle
  114. Final four achievements needed - question.
  115. Help
  116. Brass Balls
  117. How to get back past Hephaestus
  118. My xbox don't want me to play bioshock
  119. Huge padlocks - fontaines nursery
  120. Audio Diary has disappeared...
  121. Bioshock Score
  122. Is that supposed to happen??
  123. Something I don't understand about the achievement guide/roadmap
  124. Help please
  125. U-invent....am i missing something?
  126. Insect Swarm Plasmid
  127. Question about little sisters
  128. Can I go back to Hephaestus after Olympus Heights?
  129. What exactly do you need to research for the resaerch phd ach?
  130. Something I dont get about maxed all tracks/ tonic collector
  131. Abrupt Ending
  132. Need help!
  133. THIS GAME IS GLITCHED! (my brass balls story)
  134. QUICK Question PLEASE Help
  135. Big Daddy Help
  136. Seriously Good At This Problem...
  137. Do I need to play this before Bioshock 2?
  138. Can i travel back through the levels to get my weapon upgrades?
  139. Question on 2 achievements
  140. How to kill Atlas on hard.
  141. Interesting Note during opening sequence
  142. finally got brass balls
  143. Question about Brass Balls achievement
  144. Easiest way to have Brass Balls
  145. Argh!!!
  146. How do you go back to Hephaestus from Olympus Heights?
  147. Diaries help
  148. Why some diaries were removed?
  149. I have just completed the game and ......
  150. The Great Chain diary glitched?
  151. 1100/1000
  152. I must be blind
  153. So I just now played the demo...
  154. Audio Diaries.
  155. How to get Telekineses?
  156. Accidentally changed difficulty in pause menu
  157. Getting back to Olympus?
  158. Stuck on an object
  159. Does Hypnotize Big Daddy make Little Sisters run away?
  160. Can't find the Vita Chambers Option? Simple Solution Here!
  161. Whats the trick to hacking?
  162. Brass Balls and Seriously Good at This
  163. Is there a guide to finding all the little sisters?
  164. Brass Balls - How do it works???
  165. Lucky Winner
  166. Brass Balls Achievement question
  167. Final Boss Switch (Easy to Hard, Questions )
  168. Fort Frotic - Theater projection room
  169. What are some important places to save
  170. Verison 2 and first one.
  171. is there any way to know which Audio Diary did I miss
  172. The Definitive Bioshock review!
  173. I can't get Hacked a Turret.
  174. Plasmids and Tonics?
  175. Every Tonic/Plasmid/Audio Diary w/pictures
  176. A method that works
  177. Little Sister Question
  178. Brass Balls????
  179. another brass balls question
  180. research and u invent questions
  181. anyone got anytips?
  182. camera???
  183. easy boss fights
  184. what to do to get it all in one play?
  185. Hacking Security Camera?
  186. rage.. need help fast
  187. Missing Achievements
  188. Security Evasion Tonic
  189. What achievements cant i get after completing the game?
  190. No "Disable Vita-Chamber" option? READ THIS - 02/14/10
  191. Right ... so I should...
  192. Go back to get all tonics?
  193. Seeking GERMAN version of Bioshock - Will pay good money
  194. Sander Cohen
  195. Best place to get invention materials post game?
  196. Brass balls trouble
  197. Getting the Vita-Chambers option on the menu
  198. Switched Difficulty, didn't get Brass Balls
  199. Does anyone have copies of the maps?
  200. Brass Balls - Pace and Sister Decisions
  201. After rescuing every little sister in the game...
  202. Did I harvest a Little sister?
  203. how do you get prolific inventor?
  204. Which game on amazon.de is the German version?
  205. Do I really need to Rescue or Harvest Little Sisters
  206. question about brass balls
  207. brass balls/vita chambers question immediate help please
  208. Vita-Chambers, DLC, and Brass Balls
  209. Can't get brass balls...
  210. help!! just wanna be done...seriously good at this/brass balls easy mode glitch
  211. "Bought One Slot" achievement
  212. Missed Little Sister
  213. Brass balls help
  214. A question about German BioShock
  215. Brass Balls/Seriously Good At This unlocked through easy mode...finally
  216. Audio Diary Maps
  217. Is this the cut or uncut version?
  218. The main character and the ending? *spoiler*
  219. Did I mess up Brass Balls?
  220. Maximize your eve
  221. This should be in every game.
  222. plasmids
  223. Tonics & Plasmids in Order
  224. audio diaries
  225. Tonic Collector
  226. How hard is Hard difficulty?
  227. Lookin' for Little Sister Advice
  228. Brass Balls doesnt show up on achievement list
  229. Does it?
  230. missed audio help
  231. advise on few missed chevos
  232. Question about 100 invents
  233. Bioshock korean version
  234. audio diary disapearing from my list
  235. Can I just come back? (noob question)
  236. Question for Brass Balls achievement
  237. Where do you go after clearing the third area?
  238. Do sinks actually do anything?
  239. Easiest way to kill a Big Daddy on any difficulty
  240. Olympus Heights in Big Daddy suit and Sander Cohen ghost story (glitch)
  241. Going 100% in one playthrough...
  242. Researching
  243. Question about 360 and PC versions of Bioshock
  244. Question About Little Sisters
  245. Best way to get film?
  246. Question about the 53 tonics & the end of the game!
  247. Clarification on Brass Balls and Big Daddys
  248. A quick Q about little sisters
  249. listening to the audio diaries
  250. Olympus Heights?