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  1. Date/price?
  2. what table are you looking forward to most?
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  9. when is black knight coming out?
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  11. Playboy Table
  12. Flippers sticking proablem on HOF,please help.
  13. Black Hole Wizard Goal -- 500k.
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  17. I hate Robert Ripley, believe it or not.
  18. TWILIGHT ZONE - Help Bring It to Pinball Arcade via Kickstarter!
  19. For those struggling with Ripley's wizard goals
  20. June tables
  21. DLC tables to not have achievements?
  22. Update on DLC
  23. Yet another lengthy delay.
  24. So my Goals reset
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  30. Star Trek TNG and more!
  31. Need to buy game to play DLC?
  32. Dlc 4 & 5
  33. Achievement Guide needed
  34. tables on ps3 but not on xbox huh?
  35. does anyone know what tables have been announced & when they'll be out on 360?
  36. Breaking News about DLC!!!
  37. Where can i find this game!!!!!???
  38. Update 4/11/14