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  1. Release Date and Arcade NEXT?
  2. Online Co-op?
  3. A Display Of Strength Achievement
  4. Eyes in the Back of Your Head
  5. Achievements will NOT unlock if u play online
  6. Speedrunning the cheevos
  7. Beautiful, Yet Deadly Achievement
  8. Bad audio?
  9. Region Differences (all 3 games)
  10. Achievement Guide and Roadmap (400G)
  11. People who brought SOR2 should get a small discount?
  12. Syndicate Crusher Not Unlocking
  13. Streets of Rage 2 ruined the game.
  14. Anyone even play this game anymore?
  15. Achievement Guide & Roadmap
  16. Syndicate Crusher & Kangaroo's Best Friend - Neither unlock?