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  1. free to play
  2. Achievement Discussion
  3. Closed Beta Sign Up
  4. A bit a new news.
  5. Name change
  6. the beta is here!!!
  7. *WARNING!* DO NOT Ascend your character without saving your spell(s).
  8. Beta Code
  9. Achievement Guide
  10. Apex Boss too difficult
  11. Free to p(l)ay. What's the cost of free?
  12. Will there be a account reset when this comes out of beta?
  13. What are the BEST spells in the game to keep before ascending?
  14. Summer of Arcade DLC
  15. Yay or Nay on This Game?
  16. full game?
  17. Repair
  18. Open Beta Starting
  19. Anyone know how Wp or W8 Will link?
  20. What do other players in your world do?
  21. New Character?
  22. Defeated 3 player bosses
  23. Best route for increasing soul count?
  24. fast way to level ppl need
  25. Quick Question About the Ascension Proses.
  26. Level up Level jump glitch
  27. Best Spells?
  28. Does anyone know...
  29. Accepting Blessings Crashes the Game.
  30. What is up with the load times?
  31. God Masks
  32. Please explain Ascension...
  33. Co-op?
  34. Smartglass?
  35. Glitch!!!!!!
  36. loot dungeons and non loot dungeons
  37. anyone know where apex skull is?
  38. how to invade others with your ascended champion?
  39. Why would i want to hold territories/dominions?
  40. difference between joining and invading?
  41. This achievement is like 10/10
  42. Yet Another Question About Transcending
  43. Make Quick and Easy Souls
  44. Spells and ascending
  45. Event: The Holy Arsenal and Unholy Alliance
  46. Whitestone Gardens (and Illuminated Path?) 10 Floor Dungeons
  47. xbox 360 freezes randomly
  48. What happens when you change gods?
  49. 5.000 - 20.000+ SOULS in less than 1 minute
  50. Ascend Difficulty level
  51. Thrones
  52. Cant Play
  53. This game is WASTE OF TIME.
  54. Massive Levelling and Soul Farming Exploit, and other guides.
  55. Hand of Kul location glitches
  56. Crusade points
  57. This game will get under your skin...
  58. Leveling
  59. Questions before i start?
  60. Master and Commander
  61. Glitch??? I Dunno, But if it is it could be very beneficial
  62. last Apex boss strategy
  63. Dungeon Master changed to Transcend
  64. Anyone else have to defend a shrine against two player enemies?
  65. ascending problem. wont let me take legacy items.
  66. ascend item question.....different faction upon ascending.
  67. Did Soul Income just take one heckuva nerf?
  68. Save HUGE souls - use the forge!!
  69. Outfitted for War
  70. Invading?
  71. Enemies just got MAJOR health increase!?!
  72. Should I ascend 3 times or just go for lvl 50?
  73. Game setup?
  74. So what are the odds of my ascended champions
  75. A courtesy for all... Master & Commander
  76. When I ascend should I repair my stuff for my ascended warrior
  77. Invading Ascend Champions not taking melee damage? Bug, update or trick?
  78. Why can't I get leader board score?
  79. So I just need level 60 to transcend?
  80. crown of kul
  81. Looking For Cursing Partner
  82. So I lose 4 Emblems?
  83. Let's cooperate on Master and Commander achievemet.
  84. "Ascend: Hand of Kul Gets Discontinued on Xbox 360"
  85. Please lose to my ascended warrior once
  86. Can I still unlock all the achievements?
  87. Invading Champion won't leave
  88. Last Minute Completionists
  89. Defated a boss, no quest marker afterwards
  90. Do curses go away on their own?
  91. Not looking forward to all the grinding
  92. How To Guide of Getting Master and Commander
  93. Game down?