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  2. Actual Release Date?
  3. Release Date and Price Confirmed
  4. Out now on xbox.com
  5. Hermit Troubles
  6. twins
  7. Stuck on carnival puzzles.
  8. BEFORE YOU FINISH!!! (spoiler)
  9. Walkthrough videos.
  10. 666 scale
  11. Achievement Guide and Road Map
  12. Remorse
  13. Any Good?!?!
  14. Stuck in the museum
  15. Stuck with the Knights story
  16. Scientist level glitches out
  17. Can't Pick Item up?
  18. Disc Unreadable Error
  19. the scientist's mission
  20. Speeding up repeated playthroughs
  21. stupid fortunes!!!
  22. Currently 600msp!
  23. Is it just for me or am I really bad at puzzle games?
  24. Don't Fill Up On Fortune Cookies 15G
  25. Any others like this?
  26. If you're wondering how many playthroughs...
  27. Achievement Guide and Roadmap
  28. Do you need to go for the cave paintings in every play through?
  29. Missing a cave Painting, Possible Glitch?