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  1. Details & Release
  2. Achievements list
  3. Out now on UK Marketplace
  4. New Naughty Bear!!
  5. Expert Bonus-objectiver help.
  6. Freezing Issues.
  7. Achievement Guide and Roadmap (WIP)
  8. Level List, Target Guide & Score Requirements
  9. Weapon List: Locations, Costs, Exp. [in progress]
  10. Invites locations
  11. I'm seriously stuck! Can anyone help?
  12. Making Colonel Ketchup's soldiers kill him
  13. Best Way To Make Them Insane?
  14. Some items I can't find...
  15. Gold keys locations and times
  16. Target: Greasy
  17. Any tips on how to get fast EXP?
  18. target : buddy
  19. Target: Comfy
  20. weapon help
  21. last weapon help please
  22. Vanishing Bear?
  23. Giggles disappeared in the temple
  24. Deal of the Week!
  25. Level-by-Level Item Guide (W.I.P.)
  26. Naughty Unlocks DLC may have ruined the "Naughtillionaire" achievement for me.
  27. Achievements not unlocking
  28. sir rubert killing method?
  29. Golden Key in Proffesor B.Brightness Workshop - Target: Robo-Pr1M3 Mk.IV
  30. Need help finding items.