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  3. Lightning Returns Will Be the Last Final Fantasy XIII
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  7. Valentines Day
  8. E3 2013 - Gameplay
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  10. Ever wish you would love a game when you don't
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  15. Am I the only one really excited?
  16. Yuna Garb - Trailer
  17. is this game open world
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  20. So 360A are in the habit of publishing spoilers it seems?
  21. Fang will be in Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns.
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  23. xbox one release?
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  26. There are rewards if you played FXIII & FXIII-2
  27. Some new features / system change for new players
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  38. Does Outerworld service require Xbox Live Gold?
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  42. Aeronite and Ereshkigal - Easy difficulty, no Ethers, first run
  43. Does anyone know where I could find my Cloud Strife stuff?
  44. Cant play game keeps freezing
  45. A couple of questions and some help (spoilers)
  46. is LRFFXIII on on demand free region ?
  47. So I'm kinda stuck. Can Anyone help?
  48. Can't beat Last Boss, Suggestions?
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  50. Where do you upgrade weapons?
  51. Looking for some advice.
  52. Can i get something straight?
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  54. How to know what mobs=what skills?
  55. Can we get a FAQ?
  56. Side quest maps and details
  57. Need help with dragon in dunes
  58. I Really Enjoyed This Game.
  59. Quick question for those which have completed the game
  60. Where to find Flanitors after Yusnaan's quest?
  61. Are the DLC Costumes worth it?
  62. Best setup (non boss)
  63. The packaging
  64. Does Limit Breaker in ng+ deactivate achievements?
  65. Opinions on best weapons?
  66. A quick question
  67. Your Favorite Lightning to walk around in.
  68. A question about time
  69. Request for Expert Craftsman
  70. How do you beat a certain boss *spoilers*
  71. Temple of the goddess?
  72. Note on 'Last One' (Omega) enemies' drops
  73. FFXIII XIII-2 save file bonus question
  74. How to unlock Epilogue Cutscene [Question]
  75. The ending....(Spoilers)
  76. How to open the highway routes?
  77. Whats the point in fighting?
  78. Time question. Did I miss something?
  79. Need the Community's opinion!
  80. How many quests to the 14th day?!
  81. EP and Gil Issues
  82. Ultimate Lair question
  83. Best schematas for ultimate liar
  84. Rare Ability Synthesis
  85. Install Question
  86. Schemata Built
  87. Schemata Build
  88. Ultimate lair boss
  89. does boss difficulty scale with day
  90. Helter Skelter Garb from Outerworld Challenge
  91. EP explained alittle better? Anyone
  92. Synthesis Basics Question
  93. Soul seeds not spawning in chaos? (NG+)
  94. Screenshot thread
  95. Chocobo Eater in the Chaos **POSSIBLE SPOILERS**
  96. FAQ Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII 13
  97. Collector's Edition Arrival
  98. Spawning Aeronite - WTF?
  99. Where can I find Slow and Imperil?
  100. 3 NEW Garbs/weapons/sheilds and themes
  101. Easy Ether/TurboEther and Elixir (also the 100 seeds achievement)
  102. Locket Pendant location
  103. Easiest way to upgrade 30 accessories?
  104. I beat Aeronite!
  105. Speed run Main Quest 4
  106. Speed Run Of Main Quests
  107. Final Boss *spoliers!* Have I messed up ?
  108. End Boss question..??
  109. Why Won't Outerworld App Summon Characters?
  110. Ability Drop Spreadsheets (Ability Farming)
  111. Dlcs worth getting
  112. Possible to Extinct final monsters last day ones
  113. Outerworld
  114. Design a new garb for Lightning (A fun exercise)
  115. Abilities 400 slots full what to do
  116. Am I just being stupid? (Ultimate Lair)
  117. HARD MODE NG+ Monster Schemata
  118. Weapon Upgrade Chart
  119. DLC Issues
  120. Today is Wear Something Pink Day so...
  121. Worth buying?
  122. can I use DLC to subsitute in-game items for the upgrading achievement?
  123. Unearthly Apothecary Question
  124. Startup problems?
  125. Final Boss, what am I doing wrong?
  126. A timed RPG?
  127. Advice on how to utilize my time?
  128. Harbinger of Death glitched?
  129. Achievement Difficulty Rating
  130. Estimated Time to 100%