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  6. Nordic Games had delayed this game and Arcania: The Complete Tale.
  7. Really good
  8. So this is actually a remake? Not a sequel then?
  9. Really good but some things (achievement wise) are really tough
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  11. Demo is out and here is a full gameplay video of it
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  21. damien same vocie actor as duke nukem
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  24. Which DLC from the PC Version would you like to see?
  25. Out elsewhere but not US?
  26. Are you equipped with a torch like the PC version?
  27. Can Nightmare/Trauma be played regardless of level order for the achievement?
  28. Painkiller: Hell & Damnation for 360 Cancelled?
  29. To people who unlocked Extinction- did you do it in main game or survival?
  30. October 1st?
  31. NORTH AMERICA-Its now available through "Games On Demand-$29.99
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