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  1. 3rd DLC coming before the world ends.
  2. Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt DLC
  3. So long as we're hunting...
  4. stalker raid boss
  5. Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt release date
  6. Sir Hammerlocks DLC New Weapons
  7. I thought but nope.
  8. Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt Achievements
  9. Out on XBL
  10. DLC is ready to download now!
  11. Another Com Pack
  12. Seriously..?
  13. Been There Glitched?
  14. First Voracidous the Invincible Legit kill. Solo.
  15. Achievement Guide and Roadmap
  16. Follow the glow
  17. Easter Egg?
  18. Best place for all these rare enemies?
  19. Has the level cap been raised on this DLC?
  20. Second raid boss.
  21. Hammerlock DLC Heads
  22. Palling Around not working?
  23. Big Feet
  24. So why are most of the new weapons shitty?
  25. Coop partners
  26. Looking for partners for this DLC - 7:15 PM CST playthrough
  27. Trouble with the last boss?
  28. Xbox freezing since DLC...
  29. locations
  30. worst dlc in this game
  31. Corrupted save file after playing the new DLC. Help?
  32. 2 things I assume will happen
  33. Fire places/Eridium placement??
  34. Mechromancer disappeared
  35. Giant Flamethrower Claptrap Easter Egg!
  36. Dexiduos/Voraciduos Help Thread
  37. Urine, You're Out problems?
  38. Trapping Der Monstrositat
  39. Egg on your face
  40. For Raid Bosses does Normal/TVHM change difficulty?
  41. H.S.S Terminus armory
  42. I found a bug that can get annoying.
  43. Duping glitched?
  44. New DLC Masks.... Not what you think.
  45. Co-op...now missing missions
  46. 'Been There' achievement not unlocking?
  47. Der Monstrositat Mission
  48. Voracidous the Invincible - Glitch Method
  49. KSS glitch still working?
  50. Jackenstien dafuq!?
  51. need help
  52. Maybe he is everywhere...^^ (Easteregg?)
  53. Best DLC to level up on? Playing UVHM..
  54. Official XBA Boosting Session Information & Discussion
  55. Where is it?
  56. Why is this DLC so hard to beat?!