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  1. Relase Date?
  2. Looking forward to this!
  3. My (pre-release) thoughts on this....
  4. Who here seriously hopes Iron Galaxy Studios are 'involved' with this?
  5. Confirmed Games For CAC
  6. can you unlock achievements in the free trial ?
  7. Easist game for complete w/o continues??
  8. Question about bonus games
  9. Co-op play
  10. Black Tiger - lil' help with blue dragon?
  11. Gun Smoke!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. What's with the interface and menus?
  13. Achievement guide, anyone???
  14. Easy way to get Sharpshooter in 1943 and the Legendary Wings achievements
  15. am I the only one who have the berserker achievement glitched?
  16. The Bonus games are Vulgus and 1943 Kai
  17. All games for download
  18. Half price on this week's Huge Capcom Sale
  19. Anyone who want to play online coop?
  20. Serious problem with not labeling some of these remakes
  21. WARNING - 1942 Glitch
  22. SonSon
  23. Achievement Guide/Roadmaps needed
  24. Official XBA Boosting Session Information & Discussion