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  8. Severely Unknown
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  16. This game makes me fear the 360 Splatterhouse and MKvDCU...
  17. How to "light" 2nd eye on the large skull door?
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  19. Gnome accidental exploit/glitch
  20. Anyone got any tips for 'The Last Titan'
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  26. I finally did it! I got the 1000 points!
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  29. Cloisters of Sorrow - Keshtuns wont die
  30. Help!!!
  31. What do you think is better for getting A+, Battler Sword or Golden Axe?
  32. U have to play this game Twice???
  33. Easiest way to get 1000% MAX TITAN bonus????
  34. Ninja Gaiden II vs. Golden Axe Beast Rider
  35. Need Help with Trial 4
  36. max titan boost achievement
  37. Did anyone ever unlock THE Golden Axe?
  38. Dismemberments
  39. Can on get A ranking on Firstborn...not A+
  40. Titan Wastelands, Double Doors Help
  41. Island of Axir Class A+ need help
  42. Battler's Blade and A+ ranking tips and strategies
  43. Any Beast spawners in 'Quest for the 3 pieces' level??
  44. This beast has been slayed! 1000/1000
  45. Question about getting A+
  46. will GOLDEN AXE win the WGOTY title?
  47. I have big problem in Friend`s path....help me
  48. any tip about trial 5
  49. how get A+ IN Except queen of dead expert,first born,second born,add death
  50. very hard but very attractive game..........
  51. I got 815 score in this game,,
  52. This is 10.99 on Amazon Yay or Nay
  53. Question about Krommath Master (Spoliers)
  54. has anyone grinded out enough to get the golden axe, death=reaver?
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  58. Battlers Blade
  59. Are the costumes good for anything?
  60. Easy/Death Adder - Battler's Blade & A+ ranking.
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