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  1. Has anyone imported this game yet?
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  7. What is this game about?
  8. Anyone got the UK release of this game yet?
  9. Saw this title in store today... Worth it??
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  11. Has anyone got any achievements?
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  14. is there anyway i can get this in the usa
  15. borandi's Quick Start Guide to A-Train HX
  16. How many Landmarks for the achievement.
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  18. Clear all maps wont unlock
  19. Arg help
  20. How to download additional trains?
  21. how do i build a port
  22. Materials don't store in the Yard? I'm lost!
  23. Someone explain Railway Kingdom please
  24. Dlc?
  25. Help?
  26. what is this game about?
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  29. havnt come across this game!!
  30. A-Train HX Achievement Guide and Road Map
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