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  1. Confirmed: Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix for XBL and PS3
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  4. New sprites = awesome!
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  8. Does anyone else think they pulled a fast one?
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  12. is it just me or...
  13. Alternative costumes and Charactors
  14. Tips on getting the Chain of Jewels... achievement
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  16. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
  17. 7 hit combo & How to fight Akuma in Arcade mode?
  18. does anyone have any tips for beating hard with dan
  19. Puzzle fighter has feeling!!!
  20. Pocket Fighter/Super Gem Fighter
  21. Tips for Mother Lode
  22. Mother Lode Glitch
  23. Unlockable: Alternate Costumes
  24. "Playing to Win" 20 ranked wins issue?
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  26. acheivment guide????lol NO
  27. add Brooksidekiller
  28. Kickstarter project for Puzzle Fighter fans
  29. On right now if anyone is up for a game or two...
  30. Meeting People is Easy (not anymore)
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