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  1. Achievement Discussion
  2. Avatar: The Burning Earth - New Screens
  3. Achievement list?
  4. How to get the achievements
  5. Achievement Guide
  6. 1000 points in 2 minutes
  7. where to find the game
  8. Is this game a joke?
  9. Do you feel like a gamesaver for playing this game ??
  10. Does anyone else fell like your cheating the whole GS system with this game?
  11. Ill help you out if you dont got it!
  12. Does anyone play this game FOR FUN?
  13. 1000 achievements in 1 min 29 secs
  14. has anyone played past your achievements?
  15. Owners Of This Game
  16. Target Discounts Game
  17. hey guys
  18. Where 2 rent/buy?
  19. Is this game available in Canada (Quebec Province)
  20. Easiest 1000 GS Points EVER!!!!
  21. Working cheats
  22. Game available in Australia?
  23. This games crap
  24. Story?
  25. MOD Help Please@@
  26. avatar help
  27. Should I Rent? Or Is Game Fun?
  28. Can I download DEMO to get 1000 GS?
  29. Easiest achievement game ever?
  30. Angel and Devil on my shoulder
  31. Achievements not counting...
  32. Calling All Fans or Completionists
  33. 1 Your site is very helpful. Really it is very useful!
  34. Where to get for $15
  35. Where can i rent this ?
  36. Avatar: The Last Airbender (t.v series)
  37. Fong
  38. achievements are well hard.
  39. Has anyone else done this?
  40. I Found The Game
  41. Why can't I find this game in Scotland?
  42. Achievement Guide....seriously your joking, right?
  43. should i shame my card?
  44. Screw Avatard
  45. Renting in Brisbane Australia
  46. Avatar is lame and i vow to never touch it! club
  47. In case of Gamerscore emergency break glass
  48. Regrets?
  49. Do you ever think...
  50. Only want the achievements
  51. I asked for it for Christmas...
  52. Most valuable achievement?
  53. Is it ACTUALLY fun?
  54. looking to buy
  55. Should I Play?
  56. I refuse to lower myself to playing this game.
  57. seriously??? yes, seriously!
  58. Thinking About Buying It...
  59. easy 1000G
  60. Have they made a film about this?
  61. Have you played this past the 3 minutes it took to 1000?
  62. Where to buy in Sweden?
  63. I feel dirty for playing this, as did we all
  64. Idea: Get Blockbuster trial and try easy achievement video games
  65. $25.84!? Really?
  66. where to get
  67. Just wanted to show you how easy...
  68. To bad it's not like the anime
  69. Haha played this and thought I got screwed!
  70. Man, I must be the biggest fail at this
  71. Where the heck do I find this game?!?
  72. Are there any other 360 games as "notorious" for easy achievements like this game?
  73. Where to find this game for under $20?
  74. 5 dollar game
  75. Does anyone in the UK have Avatar: The Burning Earth in their collection??
  76. Believe it or not, I'm playing this game for the game. Have a question though!
  77. shame. shame shame.
  78. Where is this game?