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  1. Online matches
  2. Switching partners / Mirror
  3. Oh god! Hax!
  4. Attack Throws & regular throws
  5. Character Moves List
  6. Character Creation Ideas
  7. Online Question
  8. Here is one for you to work out
  9. looking for the name of this skill
  10. ToLS 57-59 HELP >=(
  11. Stupid Just Impacts!!
  12. Soul Calibur vs Street Fighter vs Tekken
  13. Fast Easy Money
  14. is this still being played. I want to
  15. explanation required
  16. Distance Will Not Betray
  17. Who uses Darth Vader?
  18. Hey guys need help on a custom
  19. can you get certain achievements in versus
  20. can figure out how to unlock the last character
  21. legendary hidden treasure achievement bugged?
  22. need help getting a double Ko
  23. Equal skill and power
  24. Who is the most attractive SC4 girl
  25. Custom character for TOLS
  26. Looking for some help
  27. tower of lost souls 50-52
  28. Question about Transcend History and the World
  29. All equipment?
  30. Can you get some achievements online? (other then the online line ones)
  31. Need a boosting partner!
  32. I need help with tower
  33. Just Impacts ach. tips?
  34. Your opinion. Would help a lot! (TOLS)
  35. Grapple break?
  36. Lvl 20 boosting possible?
  37. Has Anyone Has problems with the Sword Hunter Achievement?
  38. Would this be worth 10??
  39. A Few questions..
  40. buisnessman suit unluckable
  41. How do you do Impacts and Just Impacts
  42. Best Soul Calibur 4 Charater
  43. Tournament
  44. Worth to buy after a year?
  45. Floors 57-59
  46. Can anybody help me?
  47. Creating a Character
  48. i seem to remember darth vaders apprentice to be an unlockable
  49. transcend history and the world help?
  50. Transcend history and world achievement...
  51. Siegfried Strategies?
  52. favourite bruiser
  53. The Apprentice
  54. soul edge/calibur achievement
  55. Whats the best clothes to wear?
  56. Please help me out here...
  57. Best Custom Character For Each Character?
  58. Online boosting lvl20
  59. Do you need to unlock all the treasures for TOLS - trancend achiev
  60. Confirming questions about trascend achievement
  61. Transcend History Question.
  62. is there an Guide to 30-60 on ascending TOLS
  63. Yoda.......
  64. Online Boosting - Need Someone
  65. Good build for Yun-Seong?
  66. Yun Seong unblockable attack please help
  67. a little question
  68. Good build for Kilik?
  69. Oh my GOSH.
  70. I buy all the accessories and weapons for all but I not have achivments!
  71. Do People still play this online?
  72. Need a boosting partner for level 20 online
  73. i just got this game and it did'nt come with the book
  74. setting right trigger to unstoppable move, good idea?
  75. after story with all characters what next
  76. where do i find info on building characters
  77. What are your most awesome CaS's?
  78. best characters to use
  79. Old save data will not load
  80. TOLS ascend&descend Character builds
  81. Transcend History And The World Achievement
  82. Easy way to get just impacts? (multiplayer)
  83. Online Help: Phantom Pavillion - Seesaw
  84. Transcend History & World possibly glitched?
  85. Achievement not unlocking?
  86. Just Impacts
  87. Game is $9.99 today on Amazon
  88. style up
  89. A few questions
  90. Alright... Finally stuck DX
  91. Equal Skill and Power bugged?
  92. Funny Characters?
  93. How do you boost Ranked Matches?
  94. Having trouble with some Yoshimitsu moves
  95. Amy's story ending
  96. Bored, willing to lend help with moves / justs
  97. repel all blades not opening
  98. problems with just impact and critical finishes
  99. The best noob-friendly character
  100. About : Transcend History and the World
  101. Am I in trouble?
  102. Any good strategies for the Just Impact Achievement
  103. Amy unblockable question
  104. Satisfaction...
  105. glitched Distance will not Betray
  106. Darth Vader is no longer available?
  107. Seesaw Level
  108. Worth downloading on XBL?
  109. Worth Playing???
  110. Official XBA Boosting Session Information & Discussion