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  1. Achievement Discussion
  2. Who's getting this?
  3. Game Trailer and Game Footage
  4. Game Info
  5. anyone getting this?
  6. Afro Samurai DVD Collection?
  7. Seen the new Movie.
  8. How Do u cut a bullet in half ?
  9. Anyone Working on a Guide?
  10. F#@k Gravity Achievement and bullet reflection
  11. Stuck on Okiku's Story
  12. Full Mementos List
  13. This little piggy question
  14. Achievement Guide
  15. Rocket Launcher Guy?
  16. How to kill final boss?
  17. The I am Stuck Thread
  18. This game was mediocre
  19. How do you beat the flamethrower dude?
  20. Story...
  21. Easy bullet achievements.
  22. any tips for the straight flush achievements?
  23. wack ending!!(SPOILERS!!!)
  24. any tips for afrobot?
  25. Mementos?
  26. This game is hilarious
  27. any tips for tbeating juno aka teddy bear head
  28. Slow Your Roll trouble
  29. So...The Inevidable Question...
  30. Camera...
  31. How do i beat the empty 7?
  32. need some tips for beating justice
  33. AfroBot
  34. "The Number One" Achievement?
  35. Any Good ?
  36. Ahhhhhh...
  37. Hard Mode
  38. F**K Gravity Help!?!
  39. Level Replay
  40. On Hard: How Do You Kill Justice When He's In His Last Form
  41. Inside the Box with the GUy wiht the Staff
  42. Ninja Ninja's Story
  43. Easy Kill-Based Achievement Area and 4 Kill
  44. Flush help
  45. 1000/1000?!?!?!?
  46. Just A Quick Question...
  47. Cut the Ropes!!
  48. Two questions regarding the skills
  49. Region Free?
  50. How long is this game? and hard difficulty?
  51. The sure fire way to beat the flamethrower dude on hard
  52. This Little Piggy, i know i know
  53. Game have live?
  54. stuck on a platforming section (empty seven)
  55. If you reload a level...
  56. Does Anyone Have A Video For "I Am Rubber"?
  57. What RZA song is it?
  58. How do you beat the old guy with the gun?
  59. Not sure if anyone knew this...
  60. Sword Focus *Maybe Glitch*
  61. you are glue help
  62. mementos collect...
  63. Straight flush on Female Ninja
  64. Hard Mode?
  65. Review?
  66. Off Suit Samurai Achievement
  67. Whats with the coupons?
  68. checkpoints in hard mode during final boss fight?
  69. Found an easy way to take out Jinno on Hard
  70. Body-part Poker Locations
  71. Bullet Slicing is rediculous... help!
  72. Rental?
  73. The Empty Seven's Story last part!
  74. Need tips for beating burning old man (Empty Seven)
  75. best place..
  76. This Little Piggy how to achive
  77. Gamer Pics/Theme
  78. Head Slice Achievement
  80. Best way to lvl after beating it once?
  81. Strange Door in Daimyo's story at beginning
  82. How to Beat the Bear-man in hard mode
  83. Help How can I pass the Empty Seven on Hard mode
  84. afro samurai momentos
  85. Help on Hard...PLEASE
  86. Game Info
  87. What is the game like?
  88. Frickin Kunoichi heads
  89. Afro Samurai Demo on XBL marketplace
  90. Kensei - 2000 Kills
  91. Poker Glitch?
  92. slow your roll
  93. Can you load up chapters for Flush achievements
  94. english date?
  95. Headband One = Hard?
  96. How do u cut off hands for flush achievements???
  97. ninja ninja wtf
  98. Are kills saved if you die?
  99. Two birds, one sword
  100. Console Preference?
  101. How to focus cut in air
  102. Is this game good?
  103. Head to toe
  104. Wanna Beat Kuma on Hard? here is how!
  105. Afro samurai gamerpics?
  106. is this game so hard???
  107. where is ninja ninja???
  108. Easy?
  109. horrible..and fantastic!
  110. Four on the Floor Made Easy
  111. straight flushes on hard mode?
  112. fuck gravity?
  113. camera x-axis fixed!
  114. help needed for kunoichi head
  115. Switching Difficulties
  116. Any Advice?
  117. I am rubber + you are glue
  118. how to cut of a hand?
  119. how do i cut of hands......
  120. Skipping cutscenes?
  121. made hand ronin
  122. "this lil piggy"
  123. New game - save my level?
  124. Skills don't carry over?
  125. Getting the Kunoichi Straight Flush is a "%&!"% joke
  126. Ronin straight flush
  127. How to cut the head to Samurais?
  128. Idiot Proof FAQ - Look Here Before Posting!!!
  129. Kills number
  130. Let down.
  131. Robo Afro??
  132. Robo Afro
  133. Road Map
  134. how to deflect/slice bullet
  135. 1st of all....
  136. Justice on Hard!
  137. How do you cut off hands?
  138. This Little Piggy
  139. So i have two more achievements left....
  140. 4 kills
  141. No Way.
  142. Question about certain Achievements
  143. Afro Samurai Trouble.
  144. Hardest and / or most annoying parts of Afro Samurai
  145. Question about Afro's Voice
  146. How do I reflect bullets? I can't get it at all.
  147. Anyone have flush spots
  148. How do I unlock the skill to get the Three-Way and Four On The Floor achievements?
  149. Kunichio
  150. pissed off!
  151. STATS help ?
  152. Levelling up after 61 skills
  153. Tips for afrobot pt 2 on hard..
  154. Justice on hard phase 1
  155. Slow your roll help
  156. Afro Samurai Mementos
  157. fuzzy headed wierdo
  158. dont understand these achievemnets
  159. Why No Achievement Guide on the main site?
  160. Soundtrack?
  161. how to throw enemys?
  162. how to beat the damn fire boss (number 6 in the okiko level)
  163. Is this true?
  164. reflecting bullets
  165. finally get suicide queen after 4 hours of trying and then...
  166. Straight Flushes made 'easy'. (not finished)
  167. wierd experience before end of game(warning MASSIVE SPOILER)(ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK)
  168. Afro Samurai Controls? please help
  169. Afro Samurai Mementos - Video
  170. achivmnets wont unlock
  171. Looking for the Kuma Gamer picture on xbox live where is it under??
  172. Mementos bugged :/
  173. Brother 6
  174. Slow Your Roll. I just can't do it.
  175. Easiest way to cut hand - straight flushes
  176. Big problem, going from hard to normal is it possible???
  177. Ring of death?
  178. Otsuru Bear location Guide
  179. Kunoichi Sucide Queens Guide
  180. Afro Samurai Road Map to 1000
  181. Roadmap says 5/10 guide says 8/10 which is it.
  182. Tips on killing waves of enemies while preserving health in Empty Seven
  183. How do you go back to playing Level Select on Normal Difficulty?
  184. Tips on cutting fingers and toes please?
  185. My strategy for justice on hard ( i think this should work for anyone having problems
  186. Hard?
  187. Difficulty Options
  188. Updates?
  189. Question about Road Map
  190. Great spot for Four to the Floor
  191. kuonich suicide queens impossible on hard??
  192. I Am Rubber Acheevy mixup
  193. how long did it take you get hundred head hunter?
  194. How to make Kuma ridiculously easy
  195. Off Suit Samurai - Guide
  196. Kuma final form (maskless) strategy on hard
  197. I need some new insight - Can't beat Kuma on easy!
  198. When Should I Do the Flushes?
  199. Momento Locations
  200. afro samurai 2?
  201. skipping cutscenes
  202. Ninja ninja on hard.....
  203. Added help for Justice on hard
  204. Kunoichi Suicide Queens bugget?
  205. Progress Tracking Question
  206. Ok This Game is Retarded!
  207. Android Straight Flush Glitch?
  208. momentos on last level?
  209. Wild 5 on Hard made easy
  210. Is this game any good?
  211. Question regarding any DLC for this game?
  212. Is this game really worth getting?
  213. fun as hell
  214. Advice on Get Lifted Combo?
  215. Man, I really wanted to love this game
  216. Glitched Achievements?
  217. Gamer Pics
  218. Strategy for This Little Piggy
  219. Strategy for Four to the Floor
  220. im having problems with poker
  221. finished
  222. The DLC and Afro Samurai 2: What Happened?
  223. Hard Mode Tips
  224. mini kuma, empty seven, justice guide
  225. Played like a boss
  226. Beat hard mode, three achievements left. Can I do them on easy?
  227. Four to the Floor and Three-way achievement video help
  228. Achievement Difficulty Rating
  229. Estimated Time to 100%