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  1. Missing 1 wrath shard
  2. How To Get To Spider Area?
  3. help with these chest...
  4. Help Please!
  5. Achievement Guide
  6. English Zombie
  7. Suggestions for the best place to grind weapon xp?
  8. abyssal armor pieces
  9. need help, twilight cathedral
  10. Missing one wrath shard....
  11. Where Is This Artifact
  12. Bfa????
  13. For those who looking for a Wrath Shard
  14. Super Noob Question About Fury's Embrace
  15. getting back to the dark tower
  16. phantom chests
  17. That Game WAS Awesome When The Next One Out
  18. Help - LF a good Black Throne Walkthrough including recommended stats
  19. Back to The Black Throne
  20. Bugged Black Throne Elevator?
  21. Have they said what i'm going to do with the code?
  22. Fail
  23. Help with Life shards, Artifacts...
  24. question about chest in Twilight Cathedral
  25. Wierd Glitch?
  26. Chest on map
  27. 2 Black Throne questions
  28. Black throne portal help?
  29. Help finding a certain room/point in the game
  30. Is there a way to get back to the first area in Iron canopy?
  31. Who the "F" is...
  32. Ashlands South
  33. Getting into the third tower?
  34. Have not gotten stuck until now but....
  35. BFA achievement
  36. Weapon enhancements
  37. Black Throne Get Key After 2nd Beam HELP!!!
  38. Missable Achievement chest
  39. Help please
  40. i need improvised kills guide help
  41. Any way to boost health shards?
  42. Going back to allready visited places?
  43. Stuck in Twilight Cathedral after finishing game
  44. Any DLC 4 this Game ???
  45. Inverted Y-Axis Not Saving!?
  46. need help black throne after 1st beam
  47. Stuck plz help!!
  48. stuck in Twilight Cathedral
  49. Help with last artifact
  50. Really need help.
  51. Final, final beam.
  52. STUCK!!! can someone help please?
  53. Health Skulls & Wrath Rectangles!
  54. Fury's Embrace Video Guide
  55. Can u go back and play chapters or missions to collect after the game?
  56. Ulthane - WHo's Counting
  57. Devastator
  58. When you get the tremor gauntlet...
  59. Help chest in drowned pass!!!
  61. a little 2-part question
  62. Improvised Kills - Bomb Counting ?
  63. Secret Chests
  64. lvl 4 stoneskin
  65. im stuck and i need some help
  66. Xbox Avatars in the Marketplace?
  67. Returning to the Black Throne help
  68. aerial predator question
  69. Just found an infinite respawn, excellent for grinding
  70. BFA glitch?
  71. Champion artifact in the Hollows
  72. stuck at crossroads to get the armageddon piece
  73. Black Throne Help
  74. Black Throne Glitch PLEASE HELP
  75. Best place to level up weapons
  76. Ok, I feel dumb, How do you get BACK to the Black tower?
  77. The Dry Road/The Ashlands - Lifestone Shard **HELP!!**
  78. Changing Weapon Help
  79. Back to the start in Iron Canopy
  80. Devastator Achievement
  81. Avatar awards???????
  82. Straga: The Long Ride
  83. Having major problems w/ beating SLITHA
  84. The black throne: 2nd tower boss
  85. Game Glitched in Twilight Cathedral, Can It Be Fixed?
  86. HELP! -- Empty Vessel Locations
  87. Anyone else noticing any zelda refrences????
  88. Legendary Weapon Enchantments
  89. Lift glitch
  90. Wicked K Locations
  91. Armageddon Blade Piece Location Guide
  92. The Broken Stair (Seperent Hole)
  93. Return to the Black Throne?
  94. Is there continue + in this game ?
  95. A few questions about this game.
  96. Where the hell are the maps?
  97. Video Guides for Collectables
  98. aerial predator question
  99. Please help me before i trade this in!
  100. Improvised Kills help
  101. i think this has been answered once but...
  102. Dry Road Help
  103. 2nd golem...... need some help
  104. I might be crazy or this really happens.
  105. hey i need help
  106. I need a world map!!
  107. Zombie with a top-hat
  108. Legendary Enhancement Locations
  109. The difficulty matters for Aerial Predator?
  110. I am Stuck
  111. How many Wrath Cores in total?
  112. help
  113. a Question on battle harden
  114. armor problem!!!
  115. World Raider with 26 Artifacts
  116. Armor, Weapon Enhancements, Shards, and Artifacts locations with pics and videos
  117. Darksiders 2 - What do you want? *Spoilers*
  118. The extra special super secret in case code...
  119. Where is located Vulgrim's Lair in the Black Throne?
  120. Final boss question possible spoilers
  121. Dark Tower Help
  122. redirecting beam in weight puzzle room???
  123. question about black throne and ability to visit earlier levels
  124. Silitha's Loom bug?
  125. theres a chest thats really buggin me @ the crossroads..help pls
  126. lost in iron canopy
  127. Do upgrades and skills carry over into hard difficulty?
  128. Weapon Enchantment - Reaper -
  129. All chests Visible
  130. Iron Canopy
  131. Grinding kills for Improvised Kills
  132. Silitha Battle
  133. One Final Beam, and I will be free...
  134. Stuck after doing first beam in Black Throne
  135. the best description of Fury's Embrace location...
  136. Last Lifestone Shard?
  137. Fastest way to move about
  138. APOCALYPTIC difficulty
  139. how/where to get shadowmask and voidwalker
  140. How the hell did I fell Black Throne??!!??
  141. WTF?? guy in top hat and cane.
  142. 9 wrath cores and 9 lifestones
  143. Map says chest on Crossroads, err no
  144. iron canopy,darkthrone...how to return???
  145. My buddy needs help!!!
  146. Voidwalker!!!!!!
  147. final in black throne
  148. is this game worth it
  149. wait...so u CANT get back to the black throne after leaving?!?!?
  150. final armour piece help
  151. I wish this game had a counter in the options to tell you where the items are
  152. Completing the Game
  153. bug on ceiling
  154. Battle hardened achievement help
  155. Order of collection?
  156. Sluggish & Choppy Play?
  157. Iron Canopy
  158. how to beat tiamat thebat queen
  159. Hoardseeker
  160. Easily missed life shard and wrath shard.
  161. Great game, just finished... (Spoilers)
  162. Map?
  163. Darksiders Collectibles Guide (images)
  164. Impossible Chest in Drowned Pass? (possible spoiler)
  165. Darksiders
  166. Battle Hardened Achievement glitched?
  167. Strife's Offering Location Help
  168. 3 Questions please help
  169. Warth shard in Black Throne?
  170. Help I'm Lost!!
  171. Last of the caskets
  172. Has anyone kept 6/6 warriors alive in spirit realm challenge?
  173. Weapon Experience on Apocalyptic
  174. Battle Hardend?
  175. Location for Duskbats High Flier Achievement?
  176. Screen Tearing Patch Coming This Week
  177. The Black THrone Last LIFE Shard , HELP !!
  178. 2x BFA achievement question
  179. blank slot under abyssal armor & armageddon blade
  180. Chest Behind locked Door in Black Throne. Help!
  181. Please help me if you can, I missed a cut scene!
  182. HELP!!! How to reach The Hollws
  183. Abaddon glitched or phail
  184. Improvised Kills
  185. Patch doesn't fix Blue Bar issue
  186. Collectable Items Gathering...
  187. Back to Eden?
  188. Dark Rider achievement
  189. The Skeleton in The Top Hat
  190. What do you think of this game?
  191. Open Air Parking ?
  192. Chest not appearing on the map?
  193. Unable to jump using void walker
  194. Last shard and life stone shard help#?
  195. Devastator achievement
  196. XBOX Darksider Theme!?
  197. Last Artifact Help
  198. Rip-off...?
  199. tremor gauntlet question
  200. do not discard code????
  201. Wtf...?
  202. Counter Block Help
  203. how can i travel back to the "black throne"
  204. high flier question
  205. BFA achievement question
  206. HELP! How do I get the 3rd beam to free Azrael (poss. spoilers)
  207. Battle Hardened
  208. Does the chests always appear on the map ?
  209. "The Broken Stair" Boss Fight
  210. Aerial Predator - over multiple playthroughs?
  211. "B" finish vs. regular?
  212. HELP!!! The Hollows
  213. Need help in Griever temple.
  214. Best Technique to Boost Wepon XP
  215. Need something cleared up about Enhancements + Weapon XP
  216. Armageddon Shard Glitch? HELP!!!
  217. Some strange chests...
  218. What carries over?
  219. lenght?
  220. Collectibles per location map?
  221. A Few Tips for The Black Throne...
  222. Still get achiements?
  223. Drowned Pass Challenge (Defend on Apoc Diff)
  224. Redemption code difficulties
  225. Scythe Grinding
  226. best method to boost currency(blue) soul and spawn glitch?
  227. darksiders
  228. anybody else...
  229. Re-entering dungeons
  230. Beat the game, end credits.....title screen?
  231. BFA - just a quick question...
  232. Help
  233. Missing Wrath Shards
  234. Elusive 3 Chests in Iron Canopy
  235. Missable Serpent Holes?
  236. Can I Trade Artifacts N get Achvmnt?
  237. Improv Kills Help
  238. changing difficulty level
  239. Dark Rider
  240. stygian i think
  241. Does anyone have extra or a redemption code i may have?
  242. Now you can do the Mystery Code offer WITHOUT the code!
  243. Upgrades - any recommendations
  244. Vulgrim location on Drowned Pass?
  245. Weapon maxing question.
  246. How do i get this chest? (picture)
  247. The darkrider achievement. Some info.
  248. Broken Stair
  249. Crossroads...Horn??? HELP!
  250. Black Throne Elevator Glitch