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  1. Darksiders Cheats
  2. Real chests or glitches?
  3. Game Reminds me of Soul Reaver not God of War
  4. Abyssal Armor Set Question
  5. Avoid This Game
  6. 27 Artifacts
  7. Hard to navigate
  8. Apocalyptic Difficulty
  9. A tip for "Improvised Kills"
  10. Has anyone received their redemption package yet?
  11. Most bloody kills ?
  12. Game overview leaderboard?
  13. what to buy from upgrades
  14. Cost of gear
  15. Weapon Upgrade Achievement?
  16. Battle Hardened achievement glitched ?
  17. Where is Samael?
  18. What things are missable?
  19. Fury's Embrace location?
  20. Is there going to be Darksiders gamerpictures???
  21. Apocalyptic Issue
  22. Different versions?
  23. BFA/Wrath Powers? Upgrade all of them?
  24. OMG who do I kill
  25. Game doesn't appear in my played games list
  26. Problem... achievements not showing on xbox.com
  27. END Game Question
  28. 5 Duskbats achievement
  29. Best Place to Grind for Souls/Kills
  30. Strange area in the Ashlands...
  31. Need help finding a few places..
  32. Darksiders 2 (Spoiler Warning)
  33. Talking Zombie with a Top Hat??
  34. What is 5 th accessory ?
  35. need help with one chest
  36. a cautionary tale.
  37. Need help
  38. need help!
  39. Strife's Offering Enhancement Location?
  40. so i think my game glitched....
  41. chest at bottom of twilight cathedral
  42. abyssal armour Question?
  43. Apocolyptical Bug ?!?
  44. Battle Hardened achv
  45. Anyone else getting Graphical glitch lines?
  46. cheat code?
  47. replay levels?
  48. BFA question
  49. Stygian Glitch
  50. this will help anyone who missed the "High Flier" achievement
  51. what the f...
  52. Really pissed off myself
  53. Collectibles Videos For Each Level
  54. Battle Hardened related question
  55. Black throne
  56. Free Roam after the game ends?
  57. First playthrough collectibles
  58. Unreachable chests in Iron Canopy
  59. A couple quick questions about some achievements
  60. Worth It?
  61. Easy Devastator Achievement for those who missed it
  62. can you
  63. Improvised Kills achievement help needed.
  64. Do weapon enhancements stack?
  65. Eden question
  66. No clue how people call Apocalyptic difficulty easy...
  67. Improvised Kills
  68. How do I get out of the Hollows?
  69. And the secret drowned pass chest???
  70. What is this Armor Called?
  71. Chesy Help
  72. Aerial Predator question
  73. spoilers maybe
  74. Improvised Kills Question
  75. Normal Weapon Enhancements
  76. Are any of the achievements glitched or?
  77. THQ merchandises the Hell out of Darksiders
  78. possible to get trapped in twilight fortress?
  79. The Iron Canopy
  80. Do "Normal" stats transfer to "Hard"?
  81. Revisiting Canopy for wrath shard(help) =[
  82. bottom circle in character menu?
  83. Who else agrees? (Spoilers)
  84. Ashlands-Help Turning Off Drills
  85. Can you skip between difficulties when playing on Hard?
  86. Help getting to Hollows for last armor piece
  87. Problems with the game?
  88. Question about Improvised Kills.
  89. Final thoughts...
  90. Aerial Predator--- Impossible?
  91. empty vessel question
  92. Whats Baron Samedi doing here?
  93. Which rider next??
  94. What do you get from collectibles?
  95. does this game have a new game plus?
  96. secret chest twilight cathedral
  97. getting furies embrace when backtracking to black throne?
  98. armageddon's blade in new playthrough?
  99. Wicked K quotes
  100. Best grinding location?
  101. Grind and Find after end game?
  102. messed up save
  103. Iron Canopy
  104. Help?!
  105. How do u kill Griever(boss)
  106. twilight cathedral down from elevator
  107. Champion Artifact Bug?
  108. Help how do i beat Silitha in Darksiders?
  109. Keeping artifacts=more souls???
  110. PC version achievements - yes or no?
  111. abbysal armour
  112. cumulative kills?
  113. help finding last life shard
  114. Stuck at The Black Throne
  115. Last life shard
  116. Darksiders
  117. Length?
  118. Question about Wrath Cores and Abyssal Armor.
  119. Last Empty Vessel! HELP!
  120. Ulthane: no chaos form.
  121. A few questions to the saavy Darksider players here
  122. Tower Guardian
  123. Destroyer problem in humanid form
  124. Unreachable Blue Rock in Ashlands
  125. Question about BFA
  126. 'The Hollow Lord' Scythe
  127. Missable Items? (I know you can backtrack)
  128. Possible 4-Coop Predictions + Thoughts
  129. Tower Guardian Glitched!
  130. Am I ahead or behind schedule?
  131. Vulgrim location dry roads
  132. question reguard the book item in black throne tower(Spoiler alert!)
  133. Help with a lifeshard
  134. A devious Darksiders question
  135. Problem with Darksiders
  136. 2 playthroughs - Equiping Armour
  137. Stuck at entrance of Twilight Cathedral
  138. I'm Confused, Need Help
  139. Question about starting a new game
  140. Best place to farm souls?
  141. Cant use "Greater Rage"
  142. Can i start a new game after i get the armor?
  143. Compare this game to bayonetta
  144. Does anyone have any idea which one i'm missing???
  145. Abyssal Armor - Chest Bugged?
  146. What's the bullshit meter like in Darksiders?
  147. est place to farm kills?
  148. British Demon?
  149. Is this a glitch or am I missing something?
  150. Not enough items
  151. Didn't get BFA?
  152. Question before beating Black Throne
  153. Black Throne Elevator Glitch, Everything ("BFA") Achievement
  154. Anyone Still Play This??
  155. Is this game worth 12 (about $19 US)?
  156. Iron Canopy Revisited Help
  157. keeping all artifacts?
  158. How can I get back into the canyon in the hollows
  159. Battle Hardened?
  160. Point of no return?
  161. anyone who has revistied the dark tower for shards plz read
  162. Stupid question time
  163. Is there ANY strategy to beat the 3 waves in Twilight Catherdral?
  164. having trouble getting aerial predator
  165. one big question for the designers
  166. Artefact soldier
  167. High Flier Achievement is Missable?
  168. Worth it?
  169. why i think the apocolypes started
  170. i need help
  171. Help plz
  172. Best places to boost?
  173. Help!
  174. Missing collectible
  175. what is this blank space in the character screen?
  176. Stuck in hollows revisited
  177. Holy crap what a great game
  178. Missing One Wrath Shard
  179. Artifacts Warth Shards etc after Armageddon Blade??
  180. I think I've made it impossible for me to progress
  181. chest above lava pit
  182. Darksiders - All In One Video Guides
  183. No serpent holes, is my game glitched?
  184. Black Throne East (1st) Tower missing chest
  185. The Broken Trail-Trauma
  186. Achievement Difficulty Rating
  187. Estimated Time to 100%