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  38. Does anyone find this game hard? or am i doing something wrong?
  39. Sun Shang Xaing.. wtf a bow?!? a feminist?!? ARRRGH!!
  40. What's your favorite non-Musou mode character?
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  55. Zhuge Liang better than SSX or YY in Chaos mode (Specially Hu lao gate)
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  59. List of scenarios plz? im missing one and dont know how to unlock it?
  60. I can't use Lu Xun very well
  61. does it take longer to 1k than warriors orochi 2?
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  63. is it just me or is this one harder than all the others?
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  65. ... With a little help from my friend?
  66. Got the 1000GS!
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  88. Things you're looking foward to in Dynasty Warriors 7?
  89. I need help with Han Zhong Lu Bu's force Scenario target 3
  90. How to kill Lu Bu, the easy way.
  91. Attention Zhen Ji > Zhuge Liang
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