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  1. Made in New Haven achievement
  2. Question on the Skill Tree
  3. Need 3 Other players for Mad Moxxi DLC
  4. just a question or 2 about moxxi
  5. Elemental artifact question
  6. If you are thinking of getting the Moxxi DLC...
  7. no reload
  8. Whats the best weapon you ever have gotten your hands on?
  9. Whats the best weapon to ever put your hands on?
  10. Do you get better loot on playthrough 2?
  11. Maxxi DLC Team up?
  12. Fully Loaded
  13. Does the 2nd platythrough increase the chance of finding Eridian weapons?
  14. The Underdome co-op thread
  15. Question about Roland
  16. skull is missing?
  17. Claptraps - Loss Of Inventory
  18. Lv 27 Berserker gone
  19. Gearbox gave me the middle finger today.
  20. DLC question and something else
  21. Rocket Launcher Regeneration Mod
  22. where do you get a complete overview on modding?
  23. Raised Level Cap?
  24. Middle of Nowhere...: Investigate Question
  25. What does the Supply Drop skill do?
  26. is it like fallout
  27. Can I Start Playthrough 2 Over?
  28. What is maximum XP, is there a cap?
  29. DLC achievement question
  30. Willing to spread "And They'll Tell Two Friends"
  31. The offical character build guide.
  32. moxxi achievement problem???
  33. Orange class mods / shields?
  34. song in opening credits
  35. New DLC Ideas
  36. Weird little niggly bit...
  37. Very Very Wierd! Please read and explain it to me!
  38. Patch to fix modded items on the way
  39. One question ????
  40. Class Mod Stat Boosts Question
  41. Weapon Proficiency
  42. Loot/weapon/mod Duplication!!
  43. Split scrren power leveling
  44. Split screen power leveling
  45. orange guns
  46. OLD Haven Claptrap
  47. stuck
  48. Rare Weapons
  49. Glitched on Getting Dr. Ned...
  50. To anyone with a level 50
  51. I need someone to use the "duplicate weapons" cheat to help me in Borderlands
  52. PC vs. 360 version
  53. New Haven Missions
  54. Mothrakk
  55. New Haven Mission Checklist
  56. So...what happens after 2nd Playthrough?
  57. two friends?
  58. Guide for Extras????
  59. Maybe more DLC
  60. new dlc with level cap increase
  61. Looking for a co-op partner.
  62. Missing Claptrap?!
  63. My weapons are awful.
  64. Will there be a GOTY Edition
  65. How do you get rid of the money/health cheat
  66. A few noob questions about CO-OP
  67. Item Duplication Split-Screen (not online)
  68. Best time to do the DLC?
  69. What do the large arenas do for your character?
  70. Made in New Haven Glitched Achievement!!!???!!?!?!?!
  71. fallout vs borderlands???
  72. Alien Shotgun question
  73. 3rd Borderlands DLC Confirmed
  74. Look'n to score me a "Peashooter"
  75. Legit players list
  76. Rare item quest.
  77. Atlas Chimera
  78. Quick Question...
  79. Made in new haven checklist?
  80. New posters EVERYWHERE
  81. F-in modders
  82. Corrupt character
  83. location
  84. DLC Corrupt
  85. No way point in the salt flats. Please Help!
  86. Elemental effects or not?
  87. Where's The Old Haven Claptrap?
  88. Are there any lvl 50's that don't mod???
  89. the disc with dlc
  90. Quick Co-op splitscreen question
  91. Quick DLC question
  92. Any1 know how to do shield glitch
  93. 2nd playthrough
  94. BACKPACK SDU spare one anyone PLEASE?
  95. Borderlands Update
  96. My Brother is an Italian Plumber... gone?
  97. Question about obtaining eridian weapons
  98. Glitched Guns ?
  99. Third playthrough
  100. Where is a good place to grind for good/rare weapons
  101. Unsure whether this gun's modded
  102. Thoughts on hunter shotguns? And others
  103. Unable to remove mods...
  104. Question about a specific Claptrap location
  105. Does this game ever actually become fun?
  106. Claptrap achievement glitched
  107. Weird Limb Thingy
  108. Claptrap help!
  109. Interesting development.
  110. help please! and dont delete post this time!
  111. I need serious feedback about this?
  112. couple of question
  113. Need to Level up Fast!
  114. Quick questions about levels/characters
  115. The Waypoint
  116. The character creation thread
  117. 2 Backpack SDU's on 2nd playthrough?
  118. I need help with leveling and getting some good guns.
  119. New Haven- and why?
  120. Borderlands Game add on Pack
  121. Firestone claptrap??
  122. Damn modders, Am I screwed?
  123. working on DLC
  124. New Rare Level!! PEARLESENT!!
  125. Leveling
  126. Borderlands DLC
  127. What is up with my shields!?
  128. 400+ legendary give-away
  129. Finished on accident!
  130. Anyone have a modded wep that i can have?
  131. Power-leveling?
  132. What is the name of the song for the opening credits?
  133. Unable to find the Revolver Barrel in Dahl Headland (Mission- Scavenger: Revolver)
  134. Quick 2nd Playthrough Question
  135. How many levels difference untill it stops the lower player completing missions?
  136. Why did I see the new achievements when I compared games with someone?
  137. Easy way to get level 50?
  138. We want Avatar clothes??
  139. ***new update gets rid of all moded guns***
  140. all red chests in new haven changed to shitty white ones? wtf
  141. Super-speed zerk?
  142. Level Cap and new challenges
  143. Borderlands Add-On Pack Disc
  144. The underdome --doing on 2nd playthrough
  145. custom guns and shields creator needs to be added in next update.
  146. Modded guns
  147. Worlds Largest Bullet? (Knoxx DLC)
  148. I need some weapons please
  149. Skyscraper killed? Help plz
  150. Why are people getting mad now about mods?
  151. Crawmerax -- LFG
  152. Weapon mods gone
  153. You're achievement list is flawed! D=
  154. Serious Glitch Need Help
  155. Strong weapons
  156. Zealot?
  157. DLC Advice
  158. Funny Glitched Achievements!
  159. Just started Berserker Character...
  160. Level difference, and exp nerf?
  161. Colour Coded Wepons?
  162. need help from someone who's completed their second playthrough
  163. Armory Glitch
  164. who wants to play?
  165. Vault boss the easy way ***SPOILER***
  166. Weapon Magzine size upgrade...
  167. Do your DLC missions reset when you start plathrough 2?
  168. Borderlands DLC Disk
  169. Achievement Checklist on X360a for Borderlands is messed up
  170. Talk to Tannis glitch?
  171. Best loot runs in the game
  172. About the dlc...(fast travel)
  173. Why do I lose so much money?
  174. How to find the last quests
  175. What type of weapons are the best for you?
  176. Really early red box farming
  177. Splitscreen power leveling?
  178. Best place for hunting...
  179. Made In New Haven
  180. The Secret Armory Of General Knoxx, last DLC?
  181. 3rd Playthrough?
  182. Tips for getting pearlescent weapons from Crawmax
  183. Best Gun
  184. Where can I find some skags?
  185. Fast Levelling / Local Trading?
  186. DLC difficulty?
  187. Crawmerax help, im playing now
  188. When to download DLC??
  189. Rare Gun for Trade/Dupe - Manufacturer: Gearbox
  190. 4th Borderlands DLC??
  191. Question!
  192. NEED HELP NOW IN MOXXI on last 2 rounds of angelic
  193. Rootinest shootenest toothenest glitched
  194. armory glitch?
  195. New missions on the map?
  196. Playthrough 1 and Playthrough 2
  197. Berserker - Endowed?
  198. DLC question.
  199. Trading/Upgrading Pearlescents and Gear
  200. questions about the Scorpio Turret
  201. Underdome Skillpoint
  202. Which manufacturer is your favorite?
  203. First boss possible spoilers
  204. I am a little confused
  205. Alacritous Rose Shield
  206. How do me and my friend play with our level 50's? (splitscreen)
  207. Spawn More than 2 Vehicles Glitch!!!!
  208. Missions Reactivating
  209. Item dismantling
  210. Killing crawmerax 10 times........
  211. weapon slots?
  212. General Knoxx add-on question.
  213. Why am I not earning any money?
  214. Problems with Uncut game and german dlc
  215. I'm either missing summin or its all gone pete tong!
  216. increased level
  217. Mission drifter lifter help
  218. Whats going on?
  219. What class are you?
  220. Stuck after getting the vault key
  221. Level 10 weapon proficiency cheeve glitch.
  222. Order to buy DLC
  223. Cage the Elephant
  224. Item Legitimacy Thread
  225. Power levelling
  226. ding novice glitch
  227. ok ok dumb question
  228. Loot from chest
  229. Looking for people with Pearlecent weapons
  230. There's No "I" in "Team"
  231. Requesting Hunter Mods
  232. Second Borderlands?
  233. Arena matches? Need some help
  234. Old Haven clap trap not there.
  235. Co-Op & oth questions?
  236. Online Co/Op question.
  237. Need help with super marcus sweep
  238. "What Hit the Fan" Mission Location?
  239. DLC co-op split screen question
  240. backpack sdu's
  241. Help!
  242. knoxx dlc?
  243. Very easy & fast weapon proficiency boosting even at level 61
  244. How do you mod after the patch?
  245. Rare Weapons
  246. To Level 50 ?
  247. Help with borderlands story
  248. Claptrap at the AIAS (web series ep. 3)
  249. Connection issues driving me up the wall.
  250. Best catalyst mod for the siren...