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  3. For anyone who played this on PC
  4. Achievements in game.
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  12. stuck on the ball/bomb in the plane level. (story spoilers)
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  15. Stuck, Help Is Needed With This Stupid Game.....
  16. how to get in the hanger??? HELP!
  17. EASILY one of the WORST games on 360 this year
  18. Help
  19. Need some help so i can take this back ASAP!!
  20. Complete Video walkthrough on YouTube if stuck
  21. Mission 3 HELP - Cant kill civilians to gain health back!!?
  22. No one even mentions the save system
  23. The Collector
  24. Finaly Boss Help
  25. Understanding the Save System (precisions to the Guide)
  26. Big tip level 5
  27. No shooting required for final boss- Much Faster
  28. Can't get Precision Achievement...
  29. [HELP]Mission 2
  30. Glitched Achievement - Anyone else have this problem?
  31. Love those crappy games
  32. i am stuck on teleporting objects
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