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  3. cant wait for this
  4. Released 11th June!!!!
  5. Secret Area Locations [WIP]
  6. any ideas on who the secret character??
  7. Did you buy this game just for the Beta?
  8. The title "guitar riff" is a total rip off of Rockey and Bullwinkle...
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  11. How unlucky can i get on friday 13th
  12. Pausing - CHEAP way of winning. *ONLINE*
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  15. Online tick to recharge your health
  16. co-op game (suicide difficulty)
  17. Fell through the floor.
  18. co-op game (suicide difficulty)
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  21. Stupid question but?!!!
  22. I need a buddy to play the game through on Black Ops and Suicied.
  23. error joining game?
  24. Anyone have a good strategy for the final boss?
  25. Hm.. I feel like ive been tricked :(
  26. Save points
  27. Is it possible to get 200/200 Offline?
  28. Armored Attack achievement
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