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  4. Bad idea posting voice clips
  5. Getting an S Rank?
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  7. Mercenary King Rank?
  8. Mercenary Rank
  9. any help is appreciated
  10. Looking for a walkthrough for this GREAT GAME
  11. I just unlocked Judo?
  12. Excellent Game, but do you know if?
  13. How is this game?
  14. So and so didn't impress me, I'm leaving *Help!*!
  15. How do you save your game ??
  16. 5 hours play time and 0 acheivement score
  17. Hey the achievments arent unlocking wtf
  18. Is it me or do the guys look like girls in this game
  19. High Mercenary Rank and New Game+
  20. Making Money?
  21. Pal?
  22. FG and SP
  23. Gods in Heaven
  24. Stats and what they do
  25. Just Purchased
  26. This game is hard
  27. SCREW IT! I will stay at 975.
  28. Getting on the Leaderboard
  29. can someone clarify how to get break and jadou?
  30. Dream Maker rank.
  31. 9hours in 0Gamerscore 0BF
  32. So I added another rpg to my collection
  33. is this game any good?
  34. Little Snow, Conflicting Info and best ways to level at end game?
  35. so jadou?
  36. Game Freeze?
  37. Please Help stuck on King Underworld Mission
  38. Battle Formation order?
  39. Effortless mage xp
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  41. Little Snow
  42. Really wanna play this!
  43. Achievement guide and Roadmap