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  1. Achievement Discussion
  2. Achievement Trading Thread
  3. Predict Achievements
  4. Songs?
  5. Aerosmith
  6. What Songs Would You Like To See?
  7. Songs
  8. Which Metallica song would you like tp play in the next game?
  9. Def Leppard
  10. The Correct Choice for Guitar Hero?
  11. GuitarBassVocalDrum Hero?
  12. Guitar Hero 4 Drum Set
  13. I belive rock band drums not compatible
  14. 'Create-A-Song' Feature - How...
  15. Petition to keep GH4 a "guitar" game
  16. anyone think this is gonna blow rock band away?
  17. Guitar Hero World Tour!!
  18. Drums In-depth look *Video*
  19. Price and Release Date Announced
  20. Drums Video
  21. GH:WT vs Rock Band
  22. Seriously Now
  23. Stop suggesting Stairway!!!
  24. Featured Bands/Confirmed Songs
  25. No Jam Mode?
  26. Loads of New Info!!!!!
  27. The new Guitar for this game is soo SICK!
  28. Yet again... DRAGONFORCE!
  29. Gameplay video that shows a glimpse of the interface
  30. Recording Studio in Guitar Hero World Tour
  31. Full New Metallica CD on GHWT
  32. Activision - "RB instruments will work in GHWT"
  33. Video of Gameplay From the Activision Press Conference Yesterday
  34. First ever Guitar Hero World Tour gameplay!
  35. Copy off Rock Band?
  36. Rumoured Setlist
  37. Whats the release date for Death Magnetic?
  38. preorder information
  39. If only.......
  40. GH:WT boxart!
  41. Guitar Hero 4 tracklist appears online
  42. GH Series....
  43. What songs.....
  44. GH:WT Online Details
  45. Will I be able to get 100% of the game by just playing guitar on my controller?
  46. GH + RB comtroller compatiblity
  47. confirmed playable characters
  48. GHWT given U.K release date and pricing.
  49. Purple Foot Pedal
  50. Combined Star Power + No Team Saving = Worried Fan
  51. What songs if any do you plan on recording?
  52. Microphone..?
  53. Worth it?
  54. Tool Announced!
  55. Will i be able to get the game with just the guitar?
  56. Full setlist revealed, I'm unimpressed
  57. Create a Song?
  58. Price
  59. Wireless charged or wireless battery powered controllers?
  60. Important Guitar question
  61. A few new vids.
  62. drums
  63. GH 3 Guitar Compability?
  64. GH:WT - Weekly DLC?
  65. $240!?!?
  66. GH made me do it [RECRUITING]
  67. New gameplay Vids
  68. where can I find a cheap guitar?
  69. List of DLC
  70. World Tour Released Early?
  71. Official list of achievements!!!!
  72. So, two weeks later...
  73. Secret Achievements Here.
  74. uuhh?
  75. GHWT BandKit $210!!! Ouch
  76. Straps
  77. Just Played it And.....
  78. Vocalist
  79. Metallica "Death Magnetic" drum chart videos
  80. will ion drum kit work in this game
  81. Instrument Sizes/Storage
  82. Rock Band Drums Work?
  83. Official list of gh:wt cheat codes!!!
  84. Song list similar to Rock Band 2
  85. No midnight launch?
  86. Do the "beat the career" achievements stack?
  87. GH3 Les Paul vs. GH:WT Guitar - Which is better?
  88. DLC Already
  89. To the folks who already have it...be honest...is it better than Rock Band?
  90. 222222 on Satch Boogie
  91. Next to add to my collection
  92. can I play it with controler?
  93. To Those That Beat It
  94. Quick questions to those that have played
  95. New Guitar Hero World Tour commercial with Sport athletes
  96. What happened to Low(Travis Barker Remix)??
  97. does soing quickplay contributer to career score?
  98. Drums: did the display suck or are they really like that?
  99. Music Studio question
  100. In-game Custom Songs with Sharing
  101. Can you do drums or vocal on expert on career?
  102. Fresh out of the box and already broken...
  103. A note about the "Learning the Ropes" achievement
  104. Secret achievement play with..character
  105. Mic and Drum from RB2?
  106. User Created Download Songs
  107. The ION set doesn't work here...
  108. IGN Score: 7.9 "Dissapointment in a lot of respects"
  109. New Guitar...broken out of the box?
  110. WOW!!!...Utter disbelief...paid $200 bux and didn't even get the mic in my bundle!!!
  111. Ion Drum Rocker? Thread
  112. Poor Distribution of this Bundle
  113. Star power with RB2 drums?
  114. Disc Problems
  115. Uposted Secret Ach.
  116. pwetty pweaseee...
  117. Does the Rock Band 2 Bundle (Instruments) Work With Guitar Hero: World Tour?
  118. I doubt anyone knows the answer to this but....
  119. Band Partners - for band achievements
  120. So has any tested getting achievements off of user made songs?
  121. So does anyone really like the new guitar
  122. Worth 7.9?
  123. Star Power on Drums?
  124. 1up Review - Better score than Ign's
  125. Activision just got PWNED
  126. music creator
  127. One Man Band Achivement
  128. Is it just me or does the average song length seem to be greater than RB?
  129. Anyone Else Having a Tough Time on Vocals?
  130. Too easy?
  131. 50 Note Streak Achievement?
  132. Drums
  133. achievements not unlocking
  134. Rating songs on GHTunes?
  135. help on career acheivements
  136. Unknown Achievemnt
  137. Touch pad makes me fail
  138. 444,444 Achievements
  139. So I Rocked out as Ted Nugent and No Motor City Madman...WTF!?!?
  140. Have to hit drum pad hard to register
  141. Holy your mom, the Tool songs...
  142. Yellow Cymbal Problems
  143. Only good things about World Tour
  144. play as each instrument ach...
  145. GH tunes wont load!
  146. new guitar compatibility?
  147. Secret Achievement Cheat
  148. Eff'n a!
  149. Anyone make any cool characters?
  150. Setlists
  151. non-english songs???
  152. If anyone is still wondering about the 6 secret achievements.
  153. Guitar already busted
  154. anyone wanna get a four person band going....
  155. The Official "Looking For Band Members" Thread
  156. carrer achievements glitches?
  157. Achievement Guide
  158. Red PAD fix! -GHWT Drums
  159. all songs in quick play
  160. Hopos
  161. Am I an Idiot? (No use of Reg Controller?)
  162. New TTFAF?
  163. Get your boogie on
  164. buying characters?
  165. Here are the cheat codes!
  166. Hate vocals? heres the answer.
  167. For some reason I cant get the Sting achievement
  168. my experience with expert bass..
  169. Ode to WoW
  170. Lack of immediate DLC going to be Ultimate Downfall
  171. rock band 2 instruments
  172. Song lists?
  173. Star Power on Drums
  174. Anyone Found a Fix for the Guitar Not Downstrumming?
  175. is it just me..
  176. If I use auto slide for 1 song in career and than turn it off..
  177. Need Help With Drums
  178. Skeleton and Rockubot
  179. Is Hendrix a Playable Character?
  180. Axe Museum
  181. Individual Score Achievements
  182. Apple's Delicious Achievement Guide
  183. GHWT guitar with GH2,3, aerosmith
  184. who wants to help with song achievements
  185. Audio Settings
  186. One Man Band achievement glitched? or just me
  187. G@Y
  188. does normal control work??
  189. Satch Boogie Ach...
  190. Did I get bugged or am I missing something?
  191. Cant play tool on expert
  192. Recording Studio Woes (A Musicians Take)
  193. This Week's DLC Any Good?
  194. rock band drums problem
  195. Interface Question
  196. Can not find Band v band match :(
  197. Rock Band 2 or Guitar Hero: World Tour?
  198. World Tour Drum Kit & Microphone
  199. people for 100 perecent full band achievement
  200. What i think about the game
  201. BYOB help
  202. Achievement picture error?
  203. Mic Checka Achievement
  204. GH Tunes Prohibited
  205. guitar
  206. Do the Rock Band 2 drums work?
  207. drum kit double pedal
  208. Now Im CONFUSED?!?!?!
  209. Drum Sensitivity
  210. Start a band anyone?
  211. Buying a Drum Set Dilemma
  212. 50 note posse achievement
  213. Rock Band Pedal comapable with Word Tour Drum set ?
  214. Rockubot
  215. Hayley Williams on drums or guitar?
  216. Drum Sustains ?!?!
  217. How much so far?
  218. Orange button on guitar stopped working!!! any ideas?
  219. New instruments!!!! :) :)
  220. Cant Play DLC With Friends Over Live Why??
  221. i can't hear people online in world tour and they can't hear me?
  222. Unlocking all guitars
  223. Get you broken gear replaced quick...
  224. Death Magnetic DLC
  225. Bass online
  226. GHstudio = FFAAIILL
  227. The drum tuning cable...a report.
  228. Anyone with broken pads? Go here
  229. best way to get 'Get Your Boogie On'
  230. GH:WT drums+guitar question ?
  231. "The Official" Show Off Your Custom Songs Thread
  232. Bragging rights
  233. NEED band members
  234. Pumpkin Smasher
  235. Unlocking Jimi Hendrix
  236. Mike Checka' Tutorial
  237. Need some tips for Get Your Boogie On and Muse To My Ears achievements
  238. DLC question.
  239. impossible songs
  240. Vocalist's Coattails achivement possible?
  241. Guitar Hero: World Tour F.A.Q.
  242. Achievement Poll
  243. GH3 DLC question
  244. Favorite GH4 Character? (Poll)
  245. Wtf?
  246. game freezing?
  247. $1,000,000??!?!?
  248. Money Making FAQ
  249. Official GH Community site down for maintenance...
  250. Doh!!