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  1. Is Duke coming to the 360?
  2. Duke Nukem Forever is in polishing stages of development
  3. won't happen
  4. Game Trailer
  5. New screenies
  6. Duke Nukem Forever Rumored Xbox 360 Exclusive
  7. Duke Nukem Forever Christmas Image
  8. Duke nukem forever not 360 exclusive! Coming to the pc!!!! Proof
  9. Duke Nukem Forever updates
  10. 3D realms closing down.
  11. Duke Nukem is NOT DEAD!
  12. Best song for GH3 Tone Deaf Achievement?
  13. More gameplay footage
  14. duke nukem is dead
  15. New Gametrailer?
  16. Duke Nukem Forever to be made by... VALVE!
  17. Duke Nukem Forever Lawsuit SETTLED!!!
  18. Gearbox taking over DNF development
  19. Always bet on Duke!
  20. 100 things that happened during the production of DNF
  21. Duke Nukem forever gameplay
  22. Rumored Release Date (could it be?)
  23. Duke Nukem Forever Reveal Trailer January 20 2011
  24. The beta
  25. The controller at the end of the new trailer...
  26. Here's what needs to happen with DNF
  27. Balls of Steel Edition revealed??
  28. DNF: Return of the Duke Interview (Video)
  29. Will this game be banned anywhere?
  30. UK: DNF: Balls of Steel Edition For £55.99!
  31. Want the demo early? Just Pre-Order!
  32. Who Pre-ordered Borderlands GOTY for DNF BETA?
  33. Multiplayer?
  34. Official DNF Grabbag
  35. Duke Nukem Forever MP Modes Unvieled
  36. And so it begins... Duke Nukem Delayed
  37. surprise surprise!
  38. First MP Screenshots?
  39. premium theme
  40. Achievements
  41. What format are you playing this one?
  42. Who would win in a fight! Duke or Kratos?
  43. New trailer
  44. So Close
  45. Duke Nukem Forever Marketplace
  46. So... I'm guessing the BETA won't come?
  47. Achievement Discussion
  48. Pre-Order Duke Nukem Balls Of Steel Edition for £55
  49. Duke Nukem Forever Demo 3rd June
  50. Split screen co-op?
  51. Duke Nukem Through the Years
  52. Damnit all to hell
  53. First Access Club Help
  54. Get Duke Nukem for £30 at GAME
  55. Promising Interview
  56. MP Achievements?
  57. Bust size (lol) in BOSE
  58. game first access club pass
  59. 1st access club gets free duke dlc
  60. Launch Trailer!
  61. Duke Nukem action figure
  62. Demo is live!
  63. First Access Demo Codes Are LIVE!
  64. Demo First Impressions?
  65. Need an answer to my question please
  66. Demo Game References...
  67. Demo for the rest of us?
  68. Share Your White Board Drawings
  69. So about the graphics
  70. Demo Easter Eggs
  71. Holoduke <3
  72. No demo code
  73. duke.64
  74. GAME despatch?
  75. Is this game worth buying?
  76. Difficulties
  77. Order despatched but no code.
  78. Phone Messages?
  79. VERY funny moment in the game SPOILERS
  80. Bad News
  81. Little info After Beating Game!
  82. Eastereggs
  83. Do kills achievements count when you reload last checkpoint?
  84. Reviews
  85. Balls Of Steel Edition Unboxing
  86. Stuck on level 2 !!
  87. Balls of Steel Achievement video
  88. GAME preorder shirts?
  89. anyone play multiplayer?
  90. Easy way to get some Cheevos
  91. Buckethead cheevo locations
  92. Insane Playthrough
  93. duke dome part 2 help ?
  94. Ego Awards Strip Club WTF???
  95. EGO Awards List
  96. HD Achievement Video Guides
  97. Octaking help "Spoilers"
  98. How tough is Insane?
  99. This game is so awful but so good...
  100. Stuck in bathroom in Duke Burger level
  101. ending "spoiler"
  102. Beer Locations in the Strip Club and door code
  103. Anybody cancel pre order yet?
  104. Does DNF have chpater selection?
  105. Easter Eggs and references
  106. Stuck on lady killer part 3
  107. The multiplayer
  108. Pescaphobe Achievement help
  109. Party Animal Achievement - Video Guide
  110. Achievement Guide & Road Map
  111. Silly question but how do you footstomp an alien?
  112. DUKE NUKEM FOREVER - I need a date Achievement (Calendar Pages)
  113. I Don't normally say this about a game but...
  114. Collect 3 peices of armer question
  115. EGO Awards (Chapterwise)
  116. Duke Dome Queen
  117. Advices for Insane difficulty?
  118. Loading Times
  119. Easy Pinball 1,000,000
  120. Upgrades Carry Over To New Game+?
  121. Duke Nukem Forever 360a User Reviews.
  122. Lucy Pinder & Sophie Howard in Duke
  123. Where's The Demo?
  124. How do I use the ego boost?
  125. I like it.
  126. Chapter select?
  127. how long is single player
  128. Gunslinger?
  129. If I turn on the cheats achievements can be earned?
  130. Multiplayer LAG???
  131. stuck on crash course
  132. Tips for INSANE!! ENJOY!!!!
  133. Insane?
  134. Underground - Part 2
  135. Crash course insane done a little easier
  136. Enforcer battle
  137. Split-Screen?
  138. Help !! Cant get by the queen boss
  139. I Am All The Is Man achievement not unlocking?
  140. Has any1 tried.... running through with cheats enabled on insane...
  141. Stuck on finding the popcorn!!!
  142. Winning Air Hockey 7-0
  143. titty bar manager door code
  144. call waiting achievement
  145. Final Boss on Insane
  146. I Am All The Is Man achievement Glitch
  147. I Am All That Is Man Achievement Guide/Video
  148. Spinning octobrains
  149. lol
  150. Video Guide - Battlelord Dam Fight Insane
  151. Killing octabrains help
  152. Question About The Pistol
  153. Turd Burglar
  154. The Hive Help
  155. Ending Credits Cutscene (Spoliers) Video
  156. Ego boost from pre-order code?
  157. Location for the shrink ray?
  158. Insane HD Boss Videos
  159. Gunslinger cheeve 1 playthru
  160. Duke Nukemís PR Threatens To Punish Sites That Run Negative Reviews
  161. Worst Duke Nukem ever
  162. Rocket Jumping?
  163. Stop calling it an oldschool shooter
  164. Armor is for pussies
  165. Official Bitching Thread
  166. Lady Killer Part 3
  167. Phone messages
  168. The worst Aliens in DNF
  169. Video Guide - Queen B*itch on Insane
  170. Duke's Big Package (pre-order bonus) - Code up for grabs
  171. Useful Links Thread
  172. I might have found a pretty decent tactic for later levels of Insane
  173. Game Guide :)
  174. Disappearing Ego Awards!?!
  175. Secret locations in sp
  176. Extra Menu
  177. Underrated?
  178. I can't beat Queen Bitch on Normal
  179. If you tried your best on insane and fail, you cant progress
  180. Multiplayer Challenge Boosting Thread
  181. Big Heads? Affect Achievements?
  182. Guides for Bosses and Tricky parts on Insane
  183. Future DLC achievements
  184. Ego awards carry over?
  185. So, pigcops on insane?
  186. hardest part in the game?
  187. What Unlockables?
  188. Why is everyone hatin' on duke nukem forever?
  189. Strange Glitch
  190. Some funny Duke quotes you found?
  191. anyone else find the Inception reference in the game?
  192. Achievement Guide and Roadmap
  193. Can you play the pinball table directly from the menu?
  194. When finding ego cap awards, phone messages and helmets
  195. Question for people who have beat Duke Nukem Forever
  196. Scoreboard Timeclock
  197. Fighting Leech Boss With Shotty and Pistol
  198. Cant drink beer?
  199. answer phone message acievement
  200. Crash Course help on insane!
  201. Duke Nukem 3D Arcade?
  202. where the F do I go?
  203. For the nay sayers, The words of Randy Pitchford
  204. What the #1 thing you would change about this game?
  205. What Difficulty Did You Start On?
  206. After beating the game???????????
  207. YO i can't finish queen bitch.... WTF !!!
  208. The Freeze Ray is a 1 hit kill on the Energy Leech even on Insane difficulty
  209. Is it just me or are the load times
  210. Silly question....but how do you stomp on the little guys?
  211. Jackpot
  212. Limbo/Laser Trip Mine Challenge question
  213. Cant finish off octaking
  214. After playing the demo I have a couple of questions
  215. Is it wrong to say that
  216. Can't wait to finish this game..
  217. Bucket Head
  218. Stuck need help *spoilers
  219. Ctrl+Alt+Del- Finally (20110613)
  220. Trouble with Octaking on Insane
  221. What did you do to the women?
  222. Seems duke is getting the Too Human treatment
  223. I wonder if it is possible...
  224. More i read on insane, more i just wanna say F-*-C-K I-T
  225. I am all that is man question....
  226. Just Finish Duke : My final opinion
  227. Questions About Chapter Select
  228. Duke Nukem Forever - Road Map
  229. Freeze Ray Locations?
  230. Need Help for Snooker
  231. Pinball 1 million pts
  232. Bucket Head question
  233. My Duke Nukem Forever review
  234. Replaying chapters
  235. Is there any way to see the mutators?
  236. call waiting
  237. Do I have to play again?
  238. Underwater question
  239. Switching Difficulties. (possible spoilers IDK)
  240. What is going on with my Mothership Battle?
  241. 51/50 Achievements unlocked - WTF
  242. Ice Hockey
  243. What time is it? Ask Duke!
  244. Jimmy Hoffa in Lake Mead
  245. Has anyone else noticed?....
  246. Enforcer/Elevator on Normal
  247. For those struggling with Insane...
  248. Balls of Steel edition 35pound on shopto
  249. Cheats Question
  250. Damn I'm Good Guide/Walkthrough