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  1. Achievement Trading Thread
  2. Achievement Discussion
  3. is this coming to 360 ?
  4. Is it a full retail game or a XBLA game???
  5. GamesRadar: The Worst Street Fighter Characters Ever
  6. Game Info
  7. Game Trailer
  8. anyone exited as i am?
  9. SFIV new character shots
  10. SF4 Arcade sticks/pads
  11. US Special Edition and Special Controllers
  12. UK Collectors Edition available at HMV and Play.com from 60
  13. PS3 Trophies give an idea for X360 Acheivements
  14. More in-game videos (english dub!!)
  15. I dont know about this one
  16. Street Fighter IV Achievement List
  17. 1UP Posts Street Fighter Achievemnets
  18. Early top that xbox360a ha
  19. STF 4 Arcade Stick Tournament Edition Still aviable.
  20. Achievement List (Sort by Category)
  21. Achievement List
  22. Does the Japanese version have separate achievements?
  23. Achievement Guide
  24. First Achievement in SFIV
  25. Charge?
  26. Street Fighter IV BOOSTING ONLINE!
  27. Chun-Li Ultra Move
  28. Game Released?
  29. How To Do a Escape a Throw/ Did a Quick Stand Move?
  30. Few Qs about the game
  31. Will the control scheme be tough?
  32. Ruler of all achievement idea
  33. trouble with medals
  34. needs turbo :(
  35. How easy will this game be?
  36. Trial Mode Tips & Discussion
  37. beat seth? any good strategie?
  38. Sagat's first trial?
  39. help.how to unlock Akuma?
  40. Street date
  41. new trailers
  42. Akuma's Ultra and Super moves
  43. Online Multiplayer
  44. Who's your character? What new character are you looking foward to play with?
  45. reall hard?
  46. Help UC Chun-li
  47. Street Fighter IV Move List
  48. Need a boosting friend?
  49. What is The DLC in The Collectors ED
  50. DLC Question
  51. Hori Dead or Alive 4 Arcade Stick.....
  52. Question about Storied Reputation achievement
  53. SF4 Titles and Icons
  54. Unlocking the hidden characters...
  55. Garbage!!!!!!
  56. character switch....
  57. Worst song choice EVER. Im dumbfounded.
  58. Street Fighter 4 arcade pads???
  59. 360 Controllers
  60. Fuck this game.
  61. Gouken???????
  62. Trail Challenges (Hard Difficulty)
  63. Xbox 360 fightpad
  64. Those looking for a better d-pad
  65. Akuma
  66. Strat Guide
  67. Anybody Else Having Problems With Trials?
  68. i cant get the "charge" to work
  69. Is the game worth buying?
  70. If Your Finding It Hard To beat Arcade on hardest.....
  71. Seth and Zangreif BS help
  72. WTf.. Gouki not unlocking?
  73. What Controller Are You Guys Using?
  74. Can't unlock Gouken....
  75. Character wishlist
  76. Pre-ordered gift...Ryu's headband. Be honest now. Do you wear it while playing SF4?
  77. 10 Years Achievements
  78. I defeated Gouken and i didnt on unlock him....
  79. Special Moves during recovery?
  80. Help with the chip medal?????
  81. Some questions on SF4
  82. Are you a World Warrior who also unlocked Storied Reputation? *SIGN HERE*
  83. Special Edition?
  84. Fight Pad/Fight Stick
  85. Rivals
  86. Question bout Titles and Icons...
  87. Dhalsim Vs. Seth
  88. Question
  89. worth getting?
  90. Chun Li Trial 4 Combo 05
  91. How is it So Far?
  92. Legendary Champion Achievement Help
  93. Trial mode combos demostration
  94. I officially cant play this game.
  95. Ultra Combo
  96. I'm going to get called an idiot for this (Trial Mode Question)
  97. How to charge quickly?
  98. Question about getting the Ultra/Super Combo achievements...
  99. Unlocking Seth
  100. Turning off the announcer?
  101. Challenge Mode: Survival question
  102. Help with Ryu's 3rd hard trail
  103. Vega problem
  104. Hmm..good, well great......but
  105. Online Help
  106. Trial Achievements
  107. Seth strategies
  108. Who here hates Seth?
  109. Gold medals
  110. Beat Gouken but didnt get him
  111. Can't connect to play ranked matches
  112. Looking to boost for 10 ranked wins in a row. i am very bad at this game
  113. Unbeatable Fist ?
  114. The definitive way to unlock Akuma, Gouken & Seth
  115. What does the XBL patch do?
  116. Unlock Characters/Achievement - Tactic
  117. The game is so hard...
  118. How To Beat Seth With Almost Any Character
  119. Would this work?
  120. A good way to boost if someone has the Fight Pad
  121. I don't know if anyone's noticed this online...
  122. chun-li alt costume
  123. Alternate Costume Pics and Release Dates
  124. Disappointment
  125. Boost with me!
  126. Medals and Boosting
  127. SF IV Pads
  128. Time Limits for all Challenges
  129. Hardest difficulty: Fight Gouken requirements?
  130. Having alot of trouble with SUPER/ULTRA Moves
  131. Confused about two achievements?
  132. Credits after beating Akuma/Gouken
  133. Is the limited edition worth buying?
  134. Rivals - Who hates who list
  135. Can achievements be gotten in VS mode?
  136. Stupid me, stupid Madcatz, stupid dpad
  137. Hard Survival Challenge Questions
  138. Trading this crap in.
  139. How to do ultimate moves with char's?
  140. I fought and beat Gouken, but didn't unlock him?
  141. WOW I suck
  142. Update?
  143. Trial Mode
  144. directionial combonation question
  145. special DVD
  146. Trial mode #3
  147. Online boosting wins
  148. does any one want to boost for medals
  149. zangiefs super combo
  150. Odd?
  151. Beating Normal Survival #19 challenge
  152. Problems with pulling off Ultras
  153. A Possible Glitch - My Theory
  154. Time Attack Hard level 5
  155. Medal problem
  156. Ultra Hard Difficulty
  157. This game makes me hate achievements also people who disconnect.
  158. Charge Ultra Combos
  159. Chip Damage
  160. SF IV Themes
  161. Ok, i TOTALLY and UTTERLY suck.
  162. Help with these Ultra moves
  163. Unbeatable Fist
  164. Big Akuma Glitch
  165. Help needed today on the ten in row achev
  166. Sticks - Wait or Buy Now
  167. Beginners Guide: Newbies please read.
  168. Gold Survival
  169. Are the special moves the same as HD Remix?
  170. Unlocking Gouken
  171. Survival question
  172. Yay
  173. Hardest Achievement
  174. characters no one uses online?
  175. Medal Question
  176. Legendary Champion Achievement
  177. Seths trial challenges normal
  178. Anyone have trouble connecting to ranked matches?
  179. Ok...Seriously?!?
  180. Easy/Fast way to get 100 move achevements
  181. Default Character Selection
  182. Help with special and ultra moves!
  183. What's wrong with ranked?
  184. Unlock condititions for all colors
  185. Anyone any good at pulling off Zangiefs ultra?
  186. ultra combo help
  187. Coolest looking Ultra Combo
  188. Is it just me or the controller?
  189. Gold requirements for challenges?
  190. I did it.
  191. Help with Guile Ultra / Super
  192. El Fuerte Trial Help
  193. question about gouken
  194. 500 wins online does nothing
  195. Time attack trials gold medal requirements
  196. Need help with Survival Normal 19.
  197. Street Fighter IV Tips
  198. Does anyone know how to...
  199. What is the point of Dan's "taunt ultra" ?
  200. Secret Alternate Costume
  201. zangief tech
  202. Buy or Rent?
  203. Did anyone start this game absolutely terrible and improve?
  204. Rented it please help
  205. Indestructible....
  206. Finally...
  207. Trial Problem (Seth and Sakura)
  208. Capcom owe me a new headset
  209. Ryu N' Ken's ultra?
  210. Any wisdom on the Titles/Icons yet?
  211. Any way to..
  212. Legendary Fighter HELP!
  213. Gen has 2 Ultras?
  214. Street Fighter IV Ultra/Super Combo Trick (Video)
  215. Tips when using the Xbox360 controller?
  216. characters for the future
  217. characters for the future (again)
  218. Your most played character from Street Fighter IV
  219. The NEW 100% Definitive Akuma/Gouken Thread
  220. how to kill seth
  221. Playing To Win! achievement tips
  222. Help! Sakura normal trial challenge 4
  223. Training Ryu's last hard trial helped. I did it easily in a real match.
  224. Prima Guide
  225. Wtf
  226. achievement questions
  227. Story help
  228. Ryu or Ken
  229. Do you think its time for the series to move away from charge moves?
  230. I need help with Time trial 11- i cant break blocks
  231. Character help!!!!!!!!!!
  232. How Legit are you? Seriously, I bet none of you are.
  233. Ultimate Street Fighter 4 character
  234. *sigh* ...... Legendary Champion Achievement
  235. Just Wondering.
  236. Trial Challenges
  237. Character Trial Challenge help
  238. Gen may make me give up on hard trials
  239. Tourney Anyone?
  240. How do I check my record online?
  241. This Game is Horrible Online
  242. Do you really need a fightpad? I don't think so.
  243. Fight stick review?
  244. M. Bison trial hard-4, normal-3
  245. Help! Trial Hard
  246. Does "A new challenger" break the Legendary Champion achievement?
  247. Need a Sparring Partner?
  248. Please sweet Lord, say it ain't so...
  249. I need help from a street fighter expert for a fun challenge
  250. Moves in training