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  6. I need this globhopper (image inside)
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  8. Nice Balance not unlocking
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  10. The controls arn't working???!?
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  13. this game freaking sucks
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  21. Unable to find last globhopper on Garden of Beatin' PLEASE HELP
  22. Help needed with second level dont know where to go wen it tells me to use x
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  24. globhopper help please
  25. Why is wall running in this game so sketchy?
  26. Where can I buy this?
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  28. Stuck with Disappearing Platforms
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  30. Easiest 1k since TMNT
  31. Fly Air Fluvian Help (Globhopers)
  32. Is there a way to check banana acquisitions?
  33. Final boss...
  34. Pure frustration, avoid this game!