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  6. does any one know...
  7. ...Unbeleiveable.
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  19. Aliens: Colonial Marines special edition contents leaked!
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  21. Any word on special editions?
  22. Bringing back the facehugger in multiplayer?
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  24. Not 3rd Person :(
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  26. Who is your favorite Marine from Aliens?
  27. Xenomorph birth cycle?
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  32. Baddest motherfuckers in the Galaxy
  33. Cool trailer for Film4 with voiceover from Sgt. Apone
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  36. Happy Birthday, HR Giger!
  37. Delorean: Colonial Marines
  38. Anyone else going to rewatch Aliens before game release?
  39. XP crosses both MP, SP and COOP
  40. Game already shipping in Germany
  41. Aliens: Colonial Marines - Is it worth your 40 bucks?
  42. ATT: Aussies - Street Date Broken
  43. anyone's pre-order turned up and playing online right now?
  44. anyone else missing a pulserifle single player?
  45. how to rank up fast?
  46. Estimated Time to Max Rank...
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  48. MP Is Garbage
  49. Deja Vu: Duke Nukem Forever
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  64. Collectible Guide Text & Video (All Dog Tags, Audio Logs, Legendary Weapons)
  65. Completing a Level Without Firing a Single Shot
  66. Anything like the original avp games?
  67. Does the game have southpaw controls?
  68. Achievement Guide & Roadmap
  69. Infinite Ammo hand cannon glitch?
  70. How is it?
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  73. Official bitching/bad review thread
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  76. All in One Collectible Locations Guide - Dog Tags, Audio Logs and Weapons
  77. GameStop Preorder Code info
  78. i feel safer all ready 10G
  79. No main weapon in hands on single player :(
  80. It's a dry heat glitched
  81. The Game It Was Before The Game It Is
  82. How do you change equipped weapons?
  83. Question regarding split screen co-op.
  84. Gun loadouts??
  85. Short controlled bursts challenge
  86. entry prohibited
  87. Split screen mp
  88. Whats with all the hate?
  89. Double tap Campaign challenge?
  90. So how is it?
  91. Boiler spawn areas in Survivor mode
  92. Game Updates
  93. Gearbox SHiFT?
  94. Favorite Weapon?
  95. Demo to Actual game. WHAT HAPPENED??
  96. Season Pass
  97. Lost all my game data TWICE!!!
  98. References and details
  99. secreted from what? achievement
  100. Cat-Like Reflexes challenge help.
  101. Aliens: Colonial Marines Monster Energy Free DLC
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  103. Who made this game? (Worthwhile article inside)
  104. boosting forum post link please ???
  105. State of badass art and not bad for a human not pop. :(
  106. Aliens CE: "All In One" Guide (Videos)
  107. Tips please
  108. Need 3 people for a full run through
  109. easy alien xp?
  110. No Leaderboards?
  111. Difficulty achievements not unlocking?
  112. Story 'twist' *campaign spoilers within*
  113. Just a grunt achievement not unlocking
  114. System Link to obtain challenges such as Cat Like Reflexes?
  115. Ranks Reset?!?!
  116. Can't get progress on the "Ace" challenge (bug?)
  117. Does this game have splitscreen?
  118. SHiFT Codes!
  119. Aliens CM boosting MP challenges 8 ppl needed
  120. Cannot Remove Chestburster *Spoilers
  121. Arbitrarily Exterminated
  122. Bad audio
  123. Interesting Q&A with official tester on the development of A:CM
  124. Connection issues and freezing?!?
  125. Easy Iron Fist and Better Than Harsh Language
  126. Co op or multiplayer partner
  127. Dog Tag Glitch?
  128. Sooooo.....Does Sega have a worthwhile lawsuit on their hands?????
  129. Challenge help anyone interested?
  130. Co-op Problems
  131. GameStop is giving close to $40 for this...
  132. Challenges (Mainly Single Player)
  133. I need help getting short controlled bursts achievement please
  134. My personal review of Aliens Colonial Marines
  135. Gearbox's Randy Pitchford responds to Aliens: Colonial Marines demo comparison
  136. Soooo... About This New 'Canon' Story...
  137. so bad
  138. Custom weapons in the campain
  139. I can't change my loadout....
  140. Challenges
  141. My underslung grenade launcher disappeared
  142. Campaign mode Smart Gun.
  143. All Progress Gone
  144. Chaning/Equipping weapons in campaign
  145. I need help on badass mission raven ?
  146. Looking To Boost XP for Xeno/Marine (Possibly Records Too)
  147. Xeno lurkers weigh 391kg!?
  148. Ummmm....This game doesn't save...????
  149. Your Thoughts on Future DLC
  150. A Review for Colonial Marines...
  151. Please help really stuck!
  152. A:CM Staffers Explain Their "Train Wreck"
  153. ultimate badass run through and challenges
  154. Sales for Colonial Marines drop 84%
  155. "It's a dry heat" cheevo
  156. Emblems
  157. Refund
  158. Hawking it all Up Challenge
  159. how to start a co-op campaign lobby?
  160. Some MP challenges can be done in SP!
  161. How to get the 'Hawking it up' Challenge
  162. Any chance they'll slash the dlc prices before they are released?
  163. Resets - Are We Sure?
  164. Best mode for Xeno XP?
  165. Timegate suffers from layoffs following A:CM's poor reception
  166. Another patch - no mention of game-save issue
  167. how to get the mercy killer challenge?
  168. splitscreen system link co-op ???
  169. I've seen some bad bosses in my time.....
  170. Ultimate Badass not unlocking.
  171. Easy with a co-op partner? Your choice. Impossible by yourself?
  172. Anytime, Anywhere Achievement (Glitch?)
  173. DLC release dates?
  174. Good news! Save data solution may be incoming.
  175. New Bug Hunt DLC is up! what are the achievements?
  176. Bug Hunt DLC - Mini Review
  177. Pulse Rifle Glitch Help!
  178. Future Updates
  179. Pitchford says "We'll see" about Aliens: Colonial Marines for Wii U
  180. Heavy Lifting glitched after second patch?
  181. worth getting?
  182. MP vs AVP
  183. anyone wanna run through ultimate badass?
  184. whats going on with the mics?
  185. Are DLCs coming?
  186. Fuck. You!
  187. Heavy Lifting
  188. Aliens: Colonial Marines is better than Star Trek
  189. Gearbox, SEGA Sued Over Aliens: Colonial Marines
  190. worth 12???
  191. A:CM vs AvP Comparison Video
  192. im not one to complain about graphix but wow
  193. Anyone need help with the challenges?
  194. New Update
  195. New Update reset my rank!
  196. It's The Only Way To Be Sure achievement
  197. question about game saves & cloud
  198. I Love the Corps! quick XP guide
  199. Is this game any good? Hard/Easy 1000g?
  200. Is the whole game playable local co-op?
  201. DLC and Season Pass Pricing.
  202. Alien: Isolation
  203. What A Glitchy Piece Of S***!
  204. Official XBA Boosting Session Information & Discussion
  205. Exited Game and It Disappeared from My HDD Entirely
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