View Full Version : Suggestions for getting better?

10-27-2008, 10:06 PM
Hey guys, so far I'm only 12% in the game yet...

but I don't know which weaponcombination might be the best... and where to get diamonds, and what to buy,etc.

I thought of the Golden Ak in primary something autofire in secondary and some explosive in special...

What should I buy?
More syringes?
Already bought one primary and secondary box... how to use them?
Best weapons to put in there?

Can I do all UFLL missions AND APR, or does it even make a difference?

Thanks in advance

Sorry for confusing, but I have so thoughts bout that... -.-

10-28-2008, 12:30 AM
yo, you get diamonds for faction missions and by finding them scattered around the map. a green light beeps on your gps when your near some diamonds, and stays solid green when your pointing in the right direction. youll come across quite a few just travelling around doing the missions.

i spent a lot of the early game with the mach 10 machine pistol, the bolt action sniper rifle and the pkm light machine gun as my three weapons. that worked well for me, i could snipe a few guys first and then go in guns blazing knowing i wasnt going to run out of bullets anytime soon and none of those guns are weedy either! i also upgraded those weapons, i put bandoliers (more ammo) on the machine guns for sure. im about 50-odd percent through now and im still using a machine pistol and sniper rifle, but the best ones, and i usually carry an rpg with me too. although as soon as i have enough diamonds for the top-grade grenade launcher ill be using that instead of the rpg (i picked up an enemies once and it kicked arse)

more syringes are a good idea, the camo is good for sniping from plant cover, and i dont really use the boxes much but i put a golden ak in there so i dont have to find one again. plus if im ever desperate, ive got a gun that doesnt rust waiting for me in the safe house! my other boxes just have an rpg and an uzi in them but ive never got them out

in the northern territory at least, it does not seem to matter at all what order you do the faction missions in, you end up doing all the missions for each faction anyway

hope that helped!