View Full Version : Glitched charm on 'City of Lights' & how to get it

Lucifer Adams
10-29-2008, 07:58 PM
I have found a glitch that prevents you from getting the full 100 charms on the 'City of Lights' level. On my first two runs though this level (the 2nd, by starting a new game), one of the charms was simply not there and I was left with 99/100. It wasn't a case of 'I already got it' or 'I'm looking in the wrong place', it was just missing when I came to the place where it should have been. On my third play though (again, starting a new game) I changed the way I did the level and it was finally there.
The charm I am referring to is in the Backlot, up the grate by the coffee machine, across 2 bottles, then across 3 more, then onto the top of a pole and over a tightrope, on a stack of newspapers in the back right corner of the Backlot.
It wasn't until my third play through that it was there. On my first two plays through, I was trying to get all the charms first, then do the missions. Id get all the charms outside the Backlot, then those on the roof (54 in total) then after unlocking the Backyard (by getting rid of the dog), the charm was missing.
When I started my third game and began this level, I did the missions first, before charm hunting, and it was (thankfully) just where I expected it to be.
So for all those starting this level, here's the order I recommend doing it in: -

1) Gusteau Chase - This is right in front of you as the start the level. It will take you onto the roof.
2) Soupy Assistance - After the Gusteau chase, this is right in front of you.
3) You'll now be in the sewers so head straight to the only mission marker available and get back into 'City of Lights'.
4) How Now Bowwow - this is straight in front of you, next to the car.
5) Once I'd done these the Backyard was accessible and I went straight to the charm and it was there. I collected the rest of the charms as normal.

So there it is, it might not have been this way for everyone but this is how it went down for me. And being unable to reply levels or skip cutscenes makes replying this game a pain.
So if you are just starting this game, I'd recommend the above way, just to be safe.