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Capocci 007
10-31-2008, 06:25 AM
Well first of all i played through for 3 1/2 hours and i felt like i accomplished nothing. I've been walking around in circles getting kilt in the wastelands.

I really am not familiar with RPG type games and i am lost a bit. I need to ask a few questions.

How do i know what quests are the main quests ? Like i want to continue searching for the dad.

How do i gain caps/money ?

Please i need a few tips, if you could guide me in the right direction i would be thankful.

Big Papa 07
10-31-2008, 06:53 AM
How do i know what quests are the main quests ? Like i want to continue searching for the dad.

How do i gain caps/money ?

First of all, when you press B and go to your menu, RT over to DATA and the scroll to Quests. From here you can select whichever quest you want to make your active one. On you HUD, it will point you in the right direction for whichever one you chose.

To gain caps, just keep playing through the game collecting things off of dead bodies. Guns, Cartons of cigarettes, anything worth more than 30 caps is usually what I will grab and sell. Also, depending on if you are good/bad you can sell to certain merchants, then kill them and take it all back... though they won't buy anymore of your stuff after this ;).

Also, if its your first time, see if you have the game set to very easy... I don't believe the achievements have anything to do with difficulty level, and it would make it easier on you.

10-31-2008, 10:53 AM
If you are not familiar to the more in-depth RPG's then getting a decent character build is essential. The common mistake is that a lot of people try to be good at everything. This is not normally the best thing to do so try and build more of a specialist character.

an example of the character that I am playing is:-

Strength - 4
Perception - 7
Endurance - 5
Charisma - 4
Intelligence - 7
Agility - 9
Luck - 4

focus on agility will give you better skills using your standard guns and will also give you more action points when using vats which is the most economical way of defeating your enemies. Having a good intelligence will give you more skillpoints per level and will help in science, repair and add additional dialog options, perception will help with picking locks and will also mean that enemies whill show up on your compaass earlier.

When it comes to distributing skills concentrate on small guns, lockpick, and either science or repair (probably science) this will allow you to get into places and get better loot, improve you combat skills with most guns, and either allow you to maintain your equipment or hack terminals and do other technological feats.

When you level up you will gain perks, and again focus on perks that will will improve the areas you are trying to focus on. e.g Gun Nut will improve you small guns and repair abilities.

The above is just an example. They key to making a good character that can handle the wastelands is to specialise. From the very start pick the abilities and areas you want to be good in and focus on those throughout the game. This does mean that you will be ineffective in some area's but it is much better to be a master of some abilities than trying to be a jack of all trades.

Hope this helps.

o0EVIL0o x360a
10-31-2008, 03:38 PM
This is great advice, especially about the character building. I personally value Charisma and Intelligence as that helps with your skills and dialogue options. Second after that is Perception and Agility as those affect some of the combat stuff which is secondary for me in this game. I'm about experiencing the story and being able to handle quests that require your skills to be high. ;) The hardest part is definately comprimising your stats as I started with Strength 3 so I could increase the most important stats for me. Then I just took a perk to increase it to 4 and found the bobblehead in Megaton to make it 5 which is acceptable for me now. lol

Also if you want to increase your intelligence, do it at the beginning as that will effect how many skill points you get on each level-up. It will be more effective to gain 15 levels with higher INT than 5 levels if you add it at the end of the game.