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10-31-2008, 06:24 PM
Well The demo doesnt show much. But it says teams when you play online so unless that means coloured vechiles would it mean different characters? Can you even be different characters? Like Grunty, Bottles, Klungo ect. and not just Banjo. Itd be cool to be kazooie on her own with the talon trot (running) lol. It wouldnt make a difference as you cant pick up stuff online anyway and its boring be just banjo.
Also I think it would be awesome to ride other people's vechiles especially in Test O Track or something. And maybe a edited Test O Track where you can delete all the stuff that are there and place ramps kinda like Forge in Halo 3, that would be awesome. Ive only been playing the demo and don't know whats in store for the game itself but I hope it does have these in the game. If you can think of anymore then say!!

11-01-2008, 02:05 AM
Can't really think of one, except of course the "go back to being a platformer" one... but otherwise, I don't think there's anything big BK:N&B should change.

As far as online play goes, I can see Mayan Soccer being included as a game and any other game that gets thrown into the mix will probably have an online variant. For a different kind of game, I see the possibility of having to run around picking up and delivering boxes to whoever as a game.

Oh yeah, and the Test-O-Track is awesome. It would be nice if they did make it forge-able, but I doubt it. It would make for nice online free play.

11-01-2008, 03:25 PM
Also I made like a little tray and like a gap so people can jump in my vechile which flies and stuff but the problem is I cant tell when they are in or not!! Try it yourself, when someone is in your vechile or just on it, it looks like they are flying behind you. Quite hard to explain but that needs to be solved. your not really suppose to go in other vechiles but its fun. Anyway does anyone know if you can be someone other than Banjo online in the real game?

11-04-2008, 06:09 PM
Personally, I hated the driving and I hope they are going to fix that since it seems like its a big part of the game.. I was quite dissapointed when I played the demo, I hoped this game would be a pure platform game, not some junk game where all the challenges requires you to drive your crappy created car.. I hope the game gets some major makeovers so I can enjoy it the way I did on my 64 ;)

11-04-2008, 07:00 PM
I cant speak for you, but for myself I disliked the driving as well because the car handled like crap, but what am I to expect when it is a crap car? Im sure if one spends enough time and finds the right parts you can make an awesome handling supercar.

My main gripe is that sometimes the text goes by too fast and that even on my HDTV it is too small and kinda difficult to read.

11-05-2008, 05:57 AM
I didn't quite like the driving. It seemed to...weird. I dunno it was just weird.

11-05-2008, 09:43 PM
The driving should get better in the game, apparently you can buy stats for them, I wont go into too much detail as it may spoil the game but you can getter better vechile parts and stats which should make it good. And as for the text and writing problems, Rare said they have made it better for when the game comes out, the text is bigger. I seen in trailers banjo with a suit? That seems like a good idea to me lol would be pretty cool to get Banjo in a santa suit haha

01-04-2009, 06:48 PM
Driving underwater and driving in general should be better

01-04-2009, 11:03 PM
I miss the old banjo!!!! :chair