View Full Version : jackal tape 08?

11-05-2008, 09:31 PM
For all who dont know you cannot turn in tapes in the north after you go to the south or collect them. You can pick them up but they will not play or show up. You must turn 9 in the north and 8 in the south for a total of 17 !

11-06-2008, 12:30 AM
wtf ?

can u explain ? i haven't understood a word of what u just wrote .
i got my last northern tape just before the bar fight .
u can't get the 1st tape achievement ( for teh first block of tapes ) when u go to the south . i think that in the moment when u go to the south , alla northern tapes just vanish .

edit : where u are , it's too late to give them to reuben to get the 1st tape achievement , but maybe u can still get the '' give all the tapes '' achievement . not sure , but i think u can .

11-06-2008, 12:39 AM
No they dont vanish but they wont count if you dont hear his voice play when you pick it up or when you press start it wont be there. In this save i had I was able to hear and pick up north tapes after i killed gakumba but they were labeled like i got them on the second island prolly a bug. i started another playthrough let this thread die.

11-07-2008, 06:38 AM
yes i can also confirm that you CAN go back to pick up any missed tapes.

however there is a bug/catch. basically in my scenario i handed in 2 tapes in the northen territory and got the achievement for handing in the first set of tapes. it seems for that achievement you simply can hand in the very first tape you find (not the 000: infamy tape which is given to you).

however i mistakenly thought that 000: infamy tape was accidently picked up early in the game so i assumed i had all 8 tapes in the north. well i was wrong but by then i was already in the south doing more missions so decided to press on.

anyway basically i went back north for the 1 remaining tape i had missed, and the audio did play and it was added in as number 14 from memory when it really should have been 8. but of course it's a glitch/oversight by the devs.

after i then returned south i continued to pick up the remaining tapes, but when i got the very last tape it did not play any audio nor did it show up in the list of tapes. however! i still went to the journalist and handed them all in and presto i still got the achievement.

so even if your worried about the fact it doesn't show up in your list of tapes, dont fret because it is still counted.

as for handing in the first set of tapes i cannot help clear that up because i was never in that predicament.

hope this helps some folks because this is one big assed game to replay if you miss something lol