View Full Version : Find groups to play l4d with. Your one stop shop for freinds and fun and laughs

11-09-2008, 03:40 AM
(looking for group of buddys who will still enjoy the game even when were fuking around and leaving the group to die while i go to the safe room.)

start groups for l4d teams, level runs, multiplayer, and just plain fun
post in slots of four or of eihgt if trying to set up private multiplayer match

1 that guy q
2 MIKE stoke
3 godz sniper
4 true i skill

11-10-2008, 12:11 AM
I don't have the early demo, but will download on the 11th as soon as it's released. Also got the game on pre-order but isn't out till the 21st here, might get it a day early depending on how GAME feel though. Count me in if you want though :)

11-10-2008, 12:22 AM
I will definetly do this with you, preordered it

True I Skill
11-12-2008, 11:10 PM
Shudnt this be in the acheivment trading thread? :S

Anyway yeh il help out if u want.
spent about 2 hours 2day just messing about
in the safe room, very fun game.