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11-09-2008, 06:42 PM
i am missing some bonus's but not many i dont think these are the ones i have got and how i got them if anyone needs help

if anyone knows any iv missed can u post them please thanks

Week 2 - Tribute to the Troops arena is unlocked if you make your opponent tap
Week 8 - Tony (Cena's military friend character) is unlocked if you FU both opponents
13 days to Wrestlemania - Snitsky is unlocked by making him bleed.
6 day to Wrestlemania - win in under 2:30 to unlock the gauntlet match type in exhibition
Win at Wrestlemania to unlock the special Wrestlemania jeep entrance.

58 days to Wrestlemania - beat Morrison to unlock Rey's alternate outfit (light blue)
37 days to Wrestlemania - spear Edge twice (store a signature move with Batista then press Y when running) to unlock Hawkins and Ryder
16 days to wrestlemania - Make Rey win the Rumble (not Batista). Then have Edge beat Batista at NWO and thenbe rey let Miz/Morrison pin Batista in the Tornado Tag This unlocks Move Set 2.
16 days to Wrestlemania - if you make Rey lose to Edge at NWO, make sure Rey is the one to lose the tag titles to Miz/Morrison to unlock CAW Moveset 1.
9 days to Wrestlemania - give each opponent a finisher to unlock Saturday Night's Main Event arena
Win at Wrestlemania to unlock Mr McMahon.

I then went back to my last save and just re-played the WrestleMania match with me controlling Rey instead of Batista and this unlocked the achievement for their Road to Wrestlemania, no need to do the whole thing twice.

CM Punk:-
75 days to Wrestlemania - put Jeff Hardy through a table and win to unlock CM Punk's alternate costume.
28 days to Wrestlemania - beat Big Daddy V in under 2:30 to unlock Layla.
19 days to Wrestlemania - beat Morrison to unlock the locker room as a location to fight in.
Win at Wrestlemania to unlock Tazz.

Chris Jericho:-
69 days to Wrestlemania - pin Finlay with Jericho to unlock WCW roster selection and WCW belt for exhibition matches.
34 days to Wrestlemania - win without using a finisher to unlock the "old school Jericho" outfit. 6 days to wrestlemania and you have to make kennedy bleed. It unlocks the code entrance video for use in CAW.
Win at Wrestlemania to unlock the Masked Man as a playable character.

72 days to Wrestlemania - win faster than you did in your first match to unlock Hornswoggle as a non-playable manager and can be summoned from under the ring by holding RB and taunt.
30 days to Wrestlemania - make Finlay bleed to unlock the Brothers of Destruction entrance.
9 days to Wrestlemania - let Rey win via pinfall to unlock Zombie Santino/Zombie Finlay as a playable character (you get whichever one you chose to face in the ladder match, so after you select I'd recommend not saving over that file so you can go back easily).
Win at Wrestlemania to unock the Boogeyman as a playable character.

83 days to Wrestlemania - pin Edge to unlock CAW movest 3.
41 days to Wrestlemania - make sure you are the one who scores the pinfall to unlock Jillian Hall as a playable character.
When you get to No Way Out you will begin either the DX or Evolution storyline depending on who wins out of HKB and Orton, start a new save file here so you can return and head down the other path once you have finished the storyline.
DX storyline - 13 days to Wrestlemania - Pedigree Orton three times to unlock the DX entrance music, video and animation.
Evolution storyline - 6 days to Wrestlemania - win in under 2:30 to unlock the Evolution entrance music and video.
Evolution storyline - Win at Wrestlemania to unlock Ric Flair as a playable character.
DX storyline - Win at Wrestlemania to unlock DX costumes for HHH and Shawn Michaels.

on batista where you make rey loose to edge at NWO then make rey loose the tag match who has to win the royal rumble?

xJMx Joker
11-09-2008, 07:10 PM
i think i read somewhere in a different thread that rey had to win win the rumble. Not sure though. Might of imagined it.

Evo Kazz
11-09-2008, 07:34 PM
You need these.....

- At NWO select Mr Kennedy. With 6 days til Wrestlemania, you must make Mr Kennedy bleed.

- You get it by being Rey Mysterio from the start, and winning the Rumble, then get Edge to beat Batista in their match, do this by beating up Batista, the next match you must defend your tag titles against Taker and Kane. After this you will be forced to drop the titles. Be Batista, and let Rey get Pinned to get Moveset 1, and then be Rey and let Batista get pinned to get Moveset 2.