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Hardc0re Gamerz
11-15-2008, 05:14 PM
Hey guys today i will try my best to help you get the achievements (bonus collecter).
i might have stuff missing like save now or something like that i'm only doing the hard ones like triple h, jericho, undertaker, rey and baista john and cm punk are easy. lets start with

Triple H:woop:

83 days to Wrestlemania - pin Edge to unlock CAW movest 3.

41 days to Wrestlemania - make sure you are the one who scores the pinfall to unlock Jillian Hall as a playable character.

DX storyline - 13 days to Wrestlemania - Pedigree Orton three times to unlock the DX entrance music, video and animation.

Evolution storyline - 6 days to Wrestlemania - win in under 2:30 to unlock the Evolution entrance music and video.

Evolution storyline - Win at Wrestlemania to unlock Ric Flair as a playable character.

DX storyline - Win at Wrestlemania to unlock DX costumes for HHH and Shawn Michaels.

----------Rey :drunk Batista (the hard one)----------

58 days to Wrestlemania - beat Morrison to unlock Rey's alternate outfit.

37 days to Wrestlemania - spear Edge twice (store a signature move with Batista then press Y when running) to unlock Hawkins and Ryder.

16 days to Wrestlemania - if you make Rey or batista lose to Edge Save the game. then when u have fight miz and morrison. be rey and make sure they pin batista (bonus set move 1) then load you're save and play batista and make sure rey loses (bonus set move 1)

9 days to Wrestlemania - if Rey wins at NWO, give each opponent a finisher to unlock Saturday Night's Main Event arena.
Win at Wrestlemania to unlock Mr McMahon.


69 days to Wrestlemania - pin Finlay with Jericho to unlock WCW roster selection and WCW belt for exhibition matches.

34 days to Wrestlemania - win without using a finisher to unlock the "old school Jericho" outfit.

6 days to Wrestlemania - Make kennedy bleed. ( when choseing who you want to pick for the mask man u can chose kennedy or randy. make sure u choose kennedy then couple weeks later u get to make him bleed.

Win at Wrestlemania to unlock the Masked Man as a playable character.

72 days to Wrestlemania - win faster than you did in your first match to unlock Hornswoggle as a non-playable manager.

30 days to Wrestlemania - make Finlay bleed to unlock the Brothers of Destruction entrance.

9 days to Wrestlemania - let Rey win via pinfall to unlock Zombie Santino/Zombie Finlay as a playable. (save at the ladder match for santino or finlay) e.g if u want santino zombie pick him at ladder or finlay zombie at ladder.

Thats it if u want to add me send a friend request to
Hardc0re gamerz, in c0re its zero-0 not o.
for any info or help to get them thanks and hope it helps.

11-15-2008, 06:58 PM
Nice one, add the other peoples unlockables and at which date and also add a pointer as too where to save seperate files and have instructions when to reload them and what to do this time you reload it and youd have a perfect guide, good one you got here though. but if you changed to encorporate my suggestions i will give you 100 golden imaginary cookies =p

11-15-2008, 08:54 PM
thanks man i just got it this was a pain in the azz i beat the game with everybody 3 times each.

Hardc0re Gamerz
11-18-2008, 04:28 PM
its cool and i love the cookies:woop:. and just some pointers for other achievements, when u win all title do it with a caw get all titles. u won't get achievement, then be a woman e.g ashly, kelly kelly and win womans title u should get it.

and for play every match don't skip to any events and just keep geting DQ:uzi: