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No LiMiTzZ
11-20-2008, 04:23 PM
This has happened to like 3 times..I would be using the AS50 or whatever it called and since its a 1 shot kill i got 5 kills back to back and i GOT BANNED FROM A RANKED GAME?! This has got to be the most annoying thing in a game! I also shot someone with a nade launcher and there was 1:00 min left and i got banned again! They have to fix this!

11-21-2008, 02:21 PM
lol, thats nothing - i get banned for being a level 12 in the lobby. many times in a row!

You Are Scum
11-22-2008, 04:32 AM
And you say this is ranked games??? Thats so stupid if the host has the ability to ban you from a game because your doing good.

11-23-2008, 12:42 AM
i guess people dont realize you can avoid a player based on them being too good and it doesnt affect thier reputation at all. There is really no excuse for banning someone from a ranked game other than they are being disruptive or jsut flat out without a doubt cheating. I havent seen a whole lot of cheaters in the games i play but they are out there. By cheaters I dont mean people who jsut owned me because they were better then me, i mean people shooting through walls. Ran across a guy in Gears of War 2 the other day who sniped me with a headshot 6 plus times in a row through a solid wall! not the corner, not a low cover spot but a solid freakin wall. How people even begin to hack in a 360 game I dont know and I dont care to, but some amnage to do it. Sorry for the side track there but back to the subject. If your going to have the ability to ban people in ranked games they should at least be able to retain any points etc they earned while palying. Some people dont know that good sportsmanship applies in video games as well and it goes a long way. Getting banned from a ranked game sucks about as much as joining a game where people are boosting acheivments and you get kicked for no reason