View Full Version : Glitchy Achievements?

11-21-2008, 08:17 PM
Well im just having a quick game with my daughter, and havn't got a few achievements that i think we should have.. we've played 5 songs, A+ all of them and no Achievement for A+ a song.. Also we perfected a whole song apart from 1 note and didnt get the Perfect 50% on a song?.. there's prob more weve missed too, so has anyone else had this? or am i reading the achievements wrong?

Edit: we just did a song 100% with all perfects and still no achievements damn it lol.. i cant believe i let her play it, im gutted even more now.. Wouldnt be so bad if i had some points

Edit 2: never mind.. we were on easy, so we tried it on medium and a load popped. so if anyone has any trouble, do it on medium

lol @ this game