View Full Version : versus mode makes me pissed

11-28-2008, 05:05 PM
Well for one, it always tells me that my connection drops in the middle of a match. (and I'm supposed to have a good connection to the internet!)

But what makes me the most mad, is the hunters. I want to get on and get some achievements while I still got the game right? well it seems that I can't get ANY multiplayer achievements except for the 2 you can get playing as a hunter because thats all I ever spawn as. I HATE THE HUNTER! You know, I've never gotten to play as anything other than a boomer in the past 12 matches ive played? It's retarded! If I could bet that I would play a hunter next round, I'd bet it all! Anybody else have this problem? Also, anyone know why I'm getting 1 bar of connection speed when I used to get 3-4? any known ways to fix this? My internet is supposed to get 1.5 megs/sec.

Oh and lets not forget my favorite spectator feature. Because obviously I'm going to join a game and spend 2 minutes of my life watching the load screen just so I can be a spectator and watch the whole game instead of play in it! what idiot had that idea? And what if I don't want to play as a survivor?!!? whenever I join spectator I just quit, because I know I wont get to play for a good 10 minutes, if that.

11-28-2008, 11:25 PM
i wouldn't be the person to explain how to fix it, but if your internet is connected to your xbox through a router then it doesn't necessarily matter how fast your connection is as you may have a moderate or strict NAT setting... if you go to your dashboard connection settings and test your connection... it tells you what status your NAT is... if its anything but Open you should maybe do some googling to figure out how to fix it... i got kicked from games all the time before i managed to get my NAT to Open... now it happens very rarely and is generally easier to find games on every game