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12-02-2008, 05:51 PM
Hey Guys,

This is my first attempt at an achievement guide. Please feel free to comment and feedback would be much appreciated! I'll keep it updated and add to it as I go...


12-02-2008, 05:52 PM
Solo Achievements

Look and Learn (10 points) - Complete all tutorials for either instrument
- Thank God these are shorter than Guitar Hero. Just do all 3 levels… it shouldn't take too long.

Taking It Slow (10 points) - Hit all notes in an expert song at 50% speed in rehearsal
- Go to rehearsal, set the speed to 50%, use the bass & play the shortest or easiest song. Its very easy when slowed down. I did this on Sk8er Boi.

Song Aced (20 points) - Complete a song to 100% on any difficulty
- This will unlock with "100% any song on expert difficulty" if you go for it first. If you can do expert then just pick a song on beginner bass and you will get this achievement.

Expert Song Aced (30 points) - 100% any song on expert difficulty
- I did this on Sk8er Boi bass. I would use bass and just find whatever song you can do. I suggest something short or repetitive.

Heard 'em All (30 points) - Try out all the instrument sounds in Studio Mode
- Just listen to all instrument sounds in Jam Session and Recording Studio. They are the same but you have to listen to them in both places.

More Tracks Please (20 points) - Record on all 8 tracks in Studio Mode
- See "Producer"

Internship (20 points) - Create a song using the song generator in Studio Mode
- See "Producer"

Producer (10 points) - Save a song you have created in Studio Mode
- Go to the studio and just keep adding generated tracks to each until all 8 are full. Then save the song and you will get all 3.

On the Career Path (10 points) - Complete your first event in Career mode
- Just finish your first song in Career mode on any difficulty and this will unlock.

Birth of a Legend (10 points) - Finish a song performance on expert difficulty in Career or Quick play
- This should be easy if you have played Guitar Hero or Rock Band because it not nearly as hard. Simply Complete a song on expert (Star Rating does not matter).

Going for Gold (10 points) - Achieve a Gold rating for a Disc in Career Mode
- Just play 3 songs on the First Disc in Career mode and this will unlock. Difficulty does not matter.

It's Gone Platinum (20 points) - Complete all events on a Disc in Career Mode at any difficulty
- Just play the 4th song and 2 challenges on the First Disc in Career mode and this will unlock.

Gig Complete (20 points) - Complete a poster gig at any difficulty level for an instrument
- Just play the first poster gig after your first 2 discs. Difficulty does not matter.

12-02-2008, 05:53 PM
Platinum Career (50 points) - Complete all Discs to Platinum standard for an instrument
- Easy enough to do. Platinum just means you beat all challenges and songs on the disc. You can do this on beginner if you like.

Career Complete (20 points) - Complete Career mode for an instrument
- Just play through the career. Any difficulty will work. I have not finished this yet so I am not sure if you must do all discs to platinum or just play through enough to unlock all discs and poster gigs.

Songs Complete (50 points) - Complete all songs for an instrument in Career or Quick play
- This will be done while you are going for "Expert Complete"

Expert Complete (80 points) - Complete all songs on Expert Difficulty for an instrument in Career or Quick play
- This can be done during the career or you can play on bass quick play. It has been confirmed in another thread in this forum.

Thanks for the Memory (30 points) - Complete all Band Practice challenges at expert difficulty for an instrument
- Band Practice challenges are a bit of an annoyance. These songs will have you play the song twice with notes… then play it once from memory. They give you 2-4 notes to miss but not much else. There are 4 songs.

Calmly Done (30 points) - Complete all Crank It Up challenges at expert difficulty for an instrument
- Crank it up challenges start at medium difficult and increase to hard and then expert by the end of the song. If you can play on expert, these will be easy. Just don't fail the songs. There are 3 of them, none of which are too difficult.

Hold it Together (30 points) - Complete all Poison Note challenges at expert difficulty for an instrument
- Poison Note challenges require you to play the song and get a certain score without playing too many of the "poison notes". A poison note is a circle that is not filled in. It seems easy enough but the chords are where they will get you. If you can get through the song, getting a high enough score, without playing 5 poison notes, then you will complete the challenge. There are 3 of these.

Session Player (30 points) - Complete all Studio Recording challenges at expert difficulty for an instrument
- Studio Recording challenges require you to play a section of the song without making a single mistake. This can be difficult to just practice, practice, practice. There are 3 of these... and beware of the last one -- Pull Me Under By Dream Theatre.

Zoned Out (30 points) - Complete all In the Zone challenges at expert difficulty for an instrument
- In the Zone challenges require you to get a specific score on a song. The catch is… when your multiplier goes up, so does the speed of the fret board. For those of you familiar with Guitar Hero, imagine hyper speed turning on and speeding up as you play well. Keeping the rhythm in these will be difficult as they speed up mid-section. Try to know the song well because sight reading will become difficult at higher speeds.

Multi-talented Musician (20 points) - Complete all Discs to at least Gold standard for both instrument Careers
- This will be done while going for "Professional Musician"

Professional Musician (20 points) - Complete all discs to Platinum standard for both instrument Careers
- Just play through both (guitar & drum) careers. You can do this on any difficulty as long as you complete EVERYTHING.

Illustrious Drum Career (20 points) - Complete all album and gig events in the drum career at Expert difficulty
- Beat Career on Expert Drums. You must play every Poster Gig, Song & Challenge on expert.

Illustrious Guitar Career (20 points) - Complete all album and gig events in the guitar career at Expert difficulty
- Beat Career on Expert Guitar. You must play every Poster Gig, Song & Challenge on expert.

Distinguished Career (30 points) - Reach a cumulative 'career points' total of 50,000,000 for an instrument
- Just play through the guitar or drum career and keep playing until you get this. I am going to assume you can replay songs to get more points. I will confirm or hopefully someone else can quicker than I.

12-02-2008, 05:54 PM
Back from the Brink (10 points) - Recover a song performance from the red warning level in Career or Quick play
- Play on any difficulty. Don’t play notes and let the meter go into the flashing red area. Then just play the song and finish it.

Multiple Identities (25 points) - Complete at least one song performance with each of the characters in Career or Quick play
- You will start with most of the characters and as you get progress through the career (getting platinum discs), more characters will unlock. Just keep switching characters as you play. Thanks to P1TTMAN for confirming. You will unlock a new character each time you get platinum on 2 discs.

Multiplier Max (10 points) - Reach the maximum multiplier (x8)
- Unlike Guitar Hero and Rock Band, the multiplier will just keep going until it reaches x8. Get a long enough streak going and get this achievement!

Power Surge (10 points) - Activate the Power Meter 3 times in a song
- Same idea as Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Fill up the power meter by playing well and tilt your guitar. Just do this 3 times. **WARNING** This Power Surge does not help you play better or recover from failing a song. It is merely for bonus points.

Your First Million (25 points) - Score 1,000,000 points for a song in Career or Quick play
- This sounds hard but I found it quite easy if you play Rhythm Games. I played Highway star on Hard Bass and got 1.1 Million easily with a sight read before the end of the song. Just pick a long song that you can keep a streak on! This is easily done on numerous other guitar songs on expert.

Centurion (10 points) - Earn a 100 hit combo
- See "Max out the Combo Meter"

250 Combo (10 points) - Earn a 250 hit combo
- See "Max out the Combo Meter"

500 Combo (10 points) - Earn a 500 hit combo
- See "Max out the Combo Meter"

Lucky 7's (10 points) - Earn a 777 hit combo
- See "Max out the Combo Meter"

999 Combo (20 points) - Max out the Combo Meter
- This can be done during an album event. Play on easy or medium and have 3 songs with a lot of notes. I did it on medium with All the Small Things, Sk8er Boi & Dirty Little Secret. The combo carries over from song to song so don’t strum out of boredom in-between songs.

12-02-2008, 05:54 PM
Live Achievements

Long Distance Relationship (10 points) - Complete a song in an online co-op game
- Just find a partner and do a co-op song together.

Grudge match (10 points) - Beat an online opponent on your friends list
- See "Industry Veteran"

Dominator (10 points) - Win 3 ranked Versus online games in a row
- See "Industry Veteran"

Super-Dominator (20 points) - Win 5 ranked Versus online games in a row
- See "Industry Veteran"

Slick Player (20 points) - Win a total of 10 ranked online games
- See "Industry Veteran"

Virtuoso (20 points) - Win a total of 50 ranked online games
- See "Industry Veteran"

Class Act (20 points) - Play a total of 50 online games
- See "Industry Veteran"

Industry Veteran (20 points) - Play a total of 100 online games
- I am writing this guide as a realist... NO PLAYS THIS GAME SO YOU NEED TO BOOST IT. According to MCG only 2,000 people have ever played it…Find a friend and add him to your list and boost the songs so win and play enough. Unfortunately they are the same as the Face Off matches in GH and RB so you need to play the whole song.

Band Together (10 points) - Compete in a six player Band Battle and be in the winning band!
- This is much easier to boost then it sounds. It can be done with 2 people (each needs 3 controllers/guitars/any combo). Select a band match, and then player match and sign in two guests for your other instruments, then find your boosting partner and play it!

Show Off (10 points) - Hit 100% notes in any online game
- Play a song on beginner difficulty during your ranked, co-op, or band match and this should be no problem. If you do this during your “Band Together”, don’t worry about the other instruments as long as you hit 100%.

Local Multiplayer Achievements

Party On (10 points) - Complete a song in a local co-op session
- Set up your guitar/drums and a second controller of any type. Play on medium/hard and set the other controller to beginner. You have so many more notes that you will have no problem carrying the both of you through. Pick a song with a lot of notes like yet again my favorite... Sk8er Boi.

Get Out of My House (10 points) - Win 5 local multiplayer VS sessions in a row
- See "King of the Castle"

King of the Castle (10 points) - Win 10 local multiplayer VS sessions
- Turn on your controller, turn on a second controller, pick blitzkrieg bop (I think it’s the shortest song) and beat the second player. You only have to play one note and just let the game just run…or you can actually play them. It’s up to you. Rinse and repeat 9 times and you got 2 achievements.

12-03-2008, 10:04 AM
All seems good. But just wanna direct you to this:
Recommend that, if you haven't already, just read through all of that and just follow the guidelines.

Also, just as a bit of feedback, i think some of your descriptions seem a little bit too anecdotal, rather than explaining in more detail (even if you think it might be obvious, it might need a lot more explaining for some people). And like on one like Mulitple Identities, for example, maybe some more exact numbers and when and how you unlock the characters, or how you'll know when you've unlocked them all.

12-09-2008, 04:30 PM
A new character is unlocked once every section (2 discs) is completed to platinum status.

Also, you could mention that you can select "player match" for the "Band Together" achievement... ranked will not allow guests.

I don't think the score for the total of 50,000,000 will stack if you play a song over and over, since I've played a couple songs 10 or 20 times, plus finished the career. But I guess I can pick a song and play it 20 more times to test this out. :)

Also-- for score: I don't know if this will help, but it worked for me. In this game there is a much more detailed scoring system... for example, for every note you can get (I believe) increments of 50, 60, or 75 points based on your timing, with 75 being the perfect note. Also, perfect notes are the only thing that will increase your multiplier. On my game, I changed to controller lag to -20 (I think; I'm not there now, so it may be +20 :confused:) to get perfect notes, since with the default settings, if I played the note when I heard it, I would often not get perfect. Anyway, once you find the right setting and fix your timing, your scores increase dramatically.

So thanks for the guide! I was able to beat every song in career on expert except Am I Evil and Holy Wars... I'm going to try those on bass in quickplay when I get home, since I don't have the patience to practice them. :p

12-10-2008, 04:05 PM
I think I misunderstood. Looks like you have to play all songs on bass in quickplay, not just the ones you haven't beaten on expert guitar. So I'm either going to work on beating Am I Evil and Holy Wars, or just play everything else on bass now.

12-31-2008, 09:13 PM
The 50,000,000 point achievement doesn't stack as you play. Only your best scores for each event in a career are counted towards this. Its really not very hard if you can play fairly well. Just make sure you choose your 3 highest scoring songs when doing the gigs.

Also, you said:

"**WARNING** This Power Surge does not help you play better or recover from failing a song. It is merely for bonus points."

Thats not really true. If you dont have a full atmosphere bar when you activate your power surge it will give you a boost to your atmosphere bar. If the atmosphere bar is full when you activate the power surge then it will be for bonus points only.

You should also mention that to unlock characters you have to get 2 platinum albums in the same section(ex. You'll unlock a character if you get platinum on albums 1 and 2 but you won't unlock a character for getting platinum on albums 1 and 6.)

Streaks may be easier while drumming for some people because a note that requires 2 pad hits at once(ex. red and kick pedal, red and yellow etc.) count as 2 notes for your streak. A chord on guitar only counts as 1 note.